Deer Ridge Correctional Institution ​
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General Information
Tim Causey, Superintendent 
Richard Ackley, Assistant Superintendent of General Services 
Jason Jorgensen, Assistant Superintendent of Security
Becky Carter, Health Services Manager
Michele Simmelink, Management Assistant to the Superintendent, Public Information Officer
3920 East Ashwood Road 
Madras, Oregon 97741
Information: (541) 325-5999
Community Notification Request:
If you would like to be added to the automated call system, please email:
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Deer Ridge Correctional Institution is a men's prison with 644 minimum security beds and 1,223 medium security beds.
The minimum security facility began receiving inmates in September of 2007. The medium security facility was vacant until February of 2016 when the minimum inmates were transferred to the medium side and will 
operate as a minimum.  The old minimum will continue to have work programs and vocational programs operate from it.  No inmates are housed in the old minimum.
The facility is located about four miles east of Madras. The department owns 453 acres, and about 200 acres will be used for the facility. The estimated square footage of the minimum is approximately 185,000 SF and the medium is approximately 400,000 SF. 
The total project cost is approximately $190 million, which includes construction, studies, design, property and easement purchases, and infrastructure improvements for public services.          
Local Involvement: 
A Prison Advisory Committee was appointed in 1997.  Committee members represent a variety of interests within Jefferson County.  The committee not only advises the Department of Corrections, but it promotes effective communication by sharing between the agency and the community.
 Visiting Information
All inmates and visitors will be subject to the provisions of DOC Rule 291-127 Visiting, (Inmate).
DRCI does not provide Basic Visits.
Visiting scheduled times:
Friday Evenings
7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday/Holidays:
7:15 a.m. - 10:15 a.m.
1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.


For all visiting cancelations, special events, and updates - please see Visiting Alerts.

Deer Ridge Correctional Institution is not responsible for items lost, stolen or left behind while you are at the institution.  It is recommended that visitors limit the amount of personal property they bring into the institution, such as jewelry, watches, clothing, coats, etc.  Cell phones and other electronic devices are prohibited in the institution.  All non-essential items should be left in your vehicle.  Smoking is prohibited on institution property.  Leaving children/pets in your vehicle while you visit is prohibited 
Due to the location of DRCI and our commitment to enhancing inmate/family communication, visitors will be allowed to visit both visiting sessions per day if they so choose. The inmate must have sufficient visiting points and the visit may be terminated if, at security staff's discretion, the visiting room is overcrowded and/or visitors who did not visit during the earlier session are not getting an opportunity to visit. 

*New Update*
Visitors to the Deer Ridge Correctional Institution please visit ​
to learn about commute/shared ride to the institution!
*Basic Visiting*
If and inmate or a visitor is restricted to Basic Visiting, then a Basic Visit must be scheduled by the visitor with the institution prior to arrival at the facility.  Visitors must contact the inmate's assigned correctional counselor seven(7) days in advance in order to schedule a Basic Visit.  No more than eight (8) Basic Visiting sessions may be scheduled during any month.  The Basic Visit may last the duration of the visiting session during which it is scheduled.  Only three visitors shall be allowed at any one time, except that a child under three years of age may be approved to visit if held in the lap of the visitor.  No physical contact between the inmate and his visitor is permitted during Basic Visits.  (See DOC Visiting Rule: OAR Div 127-Visiting and Inmate)

Visiting Inmates: Visiting Inmates in Prison  
DRCI Visitor Waiver Request form: DRCI_Inmate_Visitor_Waiver_Request.pdf  
DOC Visiting Rule: OAR
Div 127 Visiting (Inmate)

ADA Coordinator: Marian Geils ​
Driving North on Hwy 97 into Madras: You will drive through Madras until you get to the second street light and turn right onto B Street. 
Driving South on Hwy 97 into Madras: Pass the Safeway store going down the hill. Turn left at the second light onto B Street. 
Once on B Street: You will proceed approximately four miles going past the Jefferson County Middle School on your right as you go up the hill. Pass Juniper Park on your left at the top of the hill. Turn left at the “Deer Ridge Correctional Institute” sign and drive to the top of the hill. The DRCI Administration building will be on your left. The minimum-security facility is at the far end. 
Commonly Requested Information
DOC Frequently Asked Questions 

Visiting Rule:  OAR
Div 127 Visiting (Inmate) 

Mail Rule:  OAR Div 131 Mail (Inmate) 
Incarcerated felons throughout the country, including some Oregon inmates, often solicit pen pals through correspondence. 
There are inherent risks in becoming involved with incarcerated felons. Many well-meaning members of the public have been exposed to fraud and other criminal activity through correspondence with inmates. Should you have questions or concerns about solicitations for contact with an inmate, please contact the Oregon Department of Corrections at 503-945-9090 or

Inmate's Trust Account:  Posting Money to an Inmate's Account 
How do I pick up an inmate on their release date?   
Inmates can be picked up from the institution any time after 8:00 a.m.  When you arrive please park in the Loading/Unloading designated parking, located in the upper south corner of the parking lot.  Proceed to the main entrance gate and press the speaker box button.  When addressed, identify the inmate you are there to pick up and advise if you have dress out clothing for the inmate.  A staff member will retrieve the clothing from you.  You will then be instructed to return to your vehicle and to remain in your vehicle until the inmate is processed out.  Smoking is prohibited on institution grounds.  Pets are prohibited outside of your vehicle.