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Victim Services

About Victim Services  

The Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC) Victim Services provides post-conviction support for crime victims. We understand the criminal justice process can be confusing and intimidating, and Victim Services strives to ensure your voice is heard and valued while acting as your guide during the duration of the inmate’s incarceration. 

Victim Services can provide information, services, support, and resources. It is our promise to treat all crime victims and survivors with dignity and respect while providing our services with the hope of reducing the challenges you face during post-conviction.

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Crime Victims’ Rights

An amendment to the Oregon state constitution guarantees the victim the right to be reasonably protected from the defendant. This amendment:

  • Requires the judge to make decisions about pre-trial release on the principle of reasonable protection of the victim and the public. 
  • Ensures crimes defined as violent felonies will not allow bail if the court finds probable cause to believe the defendant committed the crime, and the court finds danger of physical injury to the victim or public.
  • Prevents a judge or parole board from allowing a defendant to be released before serving their full sentence.
  • Requires jury composition be made up of registered voters who haven’t been convicted of a felony, or served a sentence for a felony, within the last 15 years.


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VINE (Victim Notification Service)(877) 674-8463

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