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Sending Money

Putting Money on an Inmate's Accounts

UPDATE: Oregon Senate Bill 844 has changed the way inmate funds are used to save for release and pay financial obligations. Stay tuned for more information.

Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC) has contracts with three companies: Telmate, JPay, and Access Corrections. Each of these companies accept electronic payments from the public through their website, by telephone, and at walk up locations. These services are fast, secure, and available across the state of Oregon.

Inmates have two main types of accounts: a phone account and a commissary (trust) account

  • Phone account funds can be used for phone calls, electronic messaging, and computer tablet services. 
  • Commissary account funds can be used for items from the facility like snacks, toiletries, and other goods and services. The DOC Rule on Trust Accounts has more detailed information on commissary accounts.
Click the links on the left hand side to learn more about sending money to an inmate.

For information on how to use funds to communicate with an inmate, visit Contact an Inmate.

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