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Budget & Legislative Information


Oregon operates under a two-year (biennium) budget process. The budget development process has three major phases:

  • Agency Request Budget: DSL begins with the previous biennium's budget, then adds, removes, or adjusts the budget based on program needs and policy responsibilities.
  • Governor's Budget: The Governor's Office and the Chief Financial Office build on and may revise the Agency Request Budget. The resulting Governor’s Budget is presented to the Legislature for consideration.
  • Legislatively Adopted Budget: Legislative committees review proposed budgets and hold public hearings before the full Legislature votes on each agency's budget.

2023-25 Budget Development

Budget & Legislative Concept Information Session - May 25, 2022

Current Budget

2021-23 Legislatively Adopted Budget

Requested Budget



Jean Straight

Deputy Director for Administration
Phone: 503-986-5227


Meliah Masiba
Senior Policy & Legislative Analyst