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Recently Adopted Rules


DSL is in the process of amending these rules and differentiating between trust and non-trust easements. The State Land Board authorized DSL to initiate rulemaking on June 22, 2011. The purpose of this rulemaking effort is to:

  • Accommodate statutory (including HB 2460, and rule changes (including the adoption of OAR 141-145 that have occurred in the past several years,
  • Update the general provisions section to reflect the current practices of DSL,
  • Complete rule language changes recommended by the Oregon Department of Justice,
  • Review and update the administrative procedures for reviewing and issuing easements, and
  • Review and update the compensation formulas for issuing easements.

DSL held 3 public hearings in August. DSL will present reccommendations to the Land Board in December to finalize the rule.

Hearing locations were:

Public Hearing #1
Aug. 21, 2018 
4 pm to 6 p
Clarion Inn, Lewis and Clark Room
1249 Tapadera Ave., Ontario, Oregon

    Public Hearing #2
    August 22, 2018
    4 pm to 6 pm
    Deschutes County Road Department
    61150 SE 27th St., Bend, Oregon

    Public Hearing #3
    August 28, 2018
    4 pm to 6 pm
    Dept. of State Lands, Land Board Room
    775 Summer Street NE, Salem, Oregon

    Revisions to the rules for the General Authorization (GA) for Recreational Placer Mining within ESH are needed to achieve consistency with Senate Bill 3 (2017) and to streamline the process for administering removal-fill permits, reduce paperwork, increase certainty and timeliness, and enhance resource protection. To meet these needs, DSL is modifying rules under OAR Chapter 141, Division 89 to change the rule titles, purpose, eligibility requirements, authorized activities, and activity-specific conditions of the General Authorization for Recreational Placer Mining.

    The expiration and no-transfer provisions were developed as part of a recent rulemaking pertaining to the placer mining GA. Due to an error, the expiration and no-transfer provisions were not properly noticed prior to the public hearing and comment period for those rules and could not be adopted as permanent rules. DSL adopted the expiration and no-transfer provisions as temporary rules. DSL is undertaking this rulemaking to adopt the expiration and no-transfer provisions as permanent rules.

    Members of the public may send comments via mail or email during the public comment period which ends Thursday, June 21, 2018, at 5:00 p.m. Please submit comments using the comment form below or by mailing:

    Anne Friend, Rules Coordinator
    775 Summer Street NE, Suite 100
    Salem, Oregon 97301-1279

    Final DRAFT Rule with Track Changes​
    Final DRAFT Rule Changes Accepted - clean copy​
    ​Fiscal Impact Statem​ent​​​​


    The Department of State Lands has concluded rulemaking to codify the requirements of recent administrative and legislative actions affecting the placement of ocean renewable energy devices in the territorial sea. These actions include adoption of Part 5 of the Territorial Sea Plan by the Land Conservation and Development Commission; enactment of HB 2694 (2013) – establishing seafloor data sharing requirements; enactment of SB 606 (2013) – amending financial assurance and civil penalty statutes for ocean renewable energy projects; and enactment of SB 319 (2015) refining the Department’s regulatory and proprietary roles in siting ocean renewable energy projects. SB 319 specifically requires the Department to convene a committee to assist in evaluating whether to establish by rule a general permit under ORS 196.816, or grant by rule a general authorization under ORS 196.850, for ocean renewable energy facilities that are used as components of research projects or demonstration projects that produce ocean renewable energy.​ Public Hearings were held on June 20, 21 & 28, 2017 & July 6, 2017 around the state. ​Final rule is being presented to the State Land Board on October 17th at DSL.

    Final Rule SOS​



    Anne Friend
    Rules Coordinator
    Phone: 503-986-5245

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