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DSL Laws & Rules

Administrative rules are used by state agencies to implement or interpret the law, or to describe the agency's procedures (ORS 183.310(9)). State agencies may permanently or temporarily adopt, amend, repeal, suspend, or renumber rules. More information on the rulemaking process can be found in the Oregon Attorney General’s Administrative Law Manual, or online at the Secretary of State’s website.

DSL encourages public involvement in the rulemaking process. Those interested in providing public comment may submit comments via the online formemail the rules coordinator, or attend a rule hearing. For information on testifying at a public hearing or attending meetings using Zoom or Microsoft Teams, visit our Public Meetings and Engagement webpage. For updates on DSL’s rulemaking activities, sign up for our mailing list and select the “Rulemaking” option. By checking this option, you will receive notifications about Rule Advisory Committee meetings, public hearings, and other rulemaking updates.

The following list contains statutes and rules related to DSL's operations. All DSL rules are in Chapter 141, except the South Slough Reserve rules, which are located in Chapter 142. You can filter the list by entering a keyword or rule number in the search box. You can also find laws and rules sorted by topic from the various program rule pages.

Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) are found on the Oregon State Legislature website. Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) are published on the Secretary of State's website.

Find laws and rules sorted by topic
Waterways & Wetlands (includes Removal-Fill Permits, Wetlands, Mitigation, and State-Owned Waterways)
Unclaimed Money & Estates (includes Claims, Reporting, Estates, and Finders)