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Estate Escheat Program

Note: The Oregon Department of State Lands administers estates ONLY for those who die without a will and without known heirs – known as “intestate estates.”
  • Questions regarding probate should be directed to your legal professional.  
  • The Oregon State Bar website has additional information on the probate process.  

Anyone with knowledge of the death of an individual without a will and known heirs is required by law to notify the Department of State Lands within 48 hours of that knowledge. 

The Department holds estates for 10 years within the Common School Fund, and if no heirs come forward within that time period, the proceeds from the estate permanently escheat to the fund. 

In recent years, staff have handled an average of seven estate cases per week. In 2015, nearly $7 million was escheated to the Common School Fund from estates.  


Estate Properties for Sale



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Greg Goller
Estate Representative
Phone: 503-986-5247
Sally Wells
Estate Representative
Phone: 503-986-5299

Chris Andrews
Trust Property Specialist
Phone: 503-986-5287





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