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Find Lost Funds

Notice: If you received an e-mail or letter with the subject line
"Action Needed: Your Personal Information May Have Been at Risk"
please be aware it is not a hoax, scam, spam, or phishing. 

The Department of State Lands identified a possible security vulnerability with our Unclaimed Property database. If you received this notification, your information may have been accessible to outside parties. Please follow the instructions in the email or letter to enroll in the free identity theft protection services being offered.

Oregon is holding millions of dollars in unclaimed assets – savings bonds, stock dividends, tax refunds and uncashed checks.

State law requires businesses and organizations to send all unclaimed funds to the Department of State Lands if the owner cannot be contacted after a certain amount of time, usually three years.

Each year, about $50 million is remitted to DSL, and about half that amount is returned to rightful owners (nearly 20,000 people or entities). All unclaimed funds are held in Oregon’s Common School Fund until claimed. Interest earnings from the fund are sent to Oregon schools twice a year.

Check to see if the state is holding money or property that belongs to you, a family member or your business.




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