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Quick Transfer Tips

  • Have copies of your transcripts: Each college or university you attend keeps a record of your courses and grades. Your new institution will need to review your official transcripts to determine which courses can be transferred and applied toward your program or degree requirements.
  • Speak with advisors: Each of Oregon’s 7 public universities and many of the 17 community colleges have online resources and admissions and transfer advisors who can assist.
  • Choose your courses wisely: work with an academic advisor at your current college and the college or university you wish to enter about choosing courses that will transfer.
  • Research the transfer admissions requirements at the school that interests you, including how many transferable credits are required. Transfer admissions links for Oregon's public universities are provided to the right.
  • If transferring from an Oregon community college to an Oregon public university, consider some of Oregon’s unique transfer tools for streamlining the process, such as Reverse Transfer, the Oregon Transfer Module, or Oregon Transfer Degrees such as the Associated of Arts Oregon Transfer Degree.
  • Ask an admissions officer about degree partnership programs, also referred to as “dual enrollment” or “co-admission,” that allow students to be simultaneously enrolled at both a community college and an Oregon public university.
  • Explore “course articulation” At the time of admission to a new institution, an admissions or academic counselor will examine your academic transcripts to determine how credits will be counted toward a degree or other credential (this process is known as course articulation). Each of Oregon’s 7 public universities has an online application to assist in determining how previous coursework may be applied. Note: these systems provide information but not definitive decisions regarding credit transfer. Be sure to discuss with the admissions or registrar’s office or an advisor at your intended transfer institution.​