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About the Board

About the Board

The Board is a semi-independent, stand-alone licensure board responsible for regulation of the practice of landscape architecture in Oregon. The Board's mission is to help assure the safety, health, and welfare of Oregonians with regard to the practice of landscape architecture. The Board accomplishes this mission through various means including review of applications for pre-approval to sit for exam, review of applications for registration, consideration of complaints about landscape architecture practice and title use, and outreach efforts. You can learn more about Board efforts by reviewing Board meeting minutes, newsletters, publications and laws/rules for landscape architecture practice in Oregon.

Budget information

The Board is funded through fees collected, receiving no state general funds or other funds. The Board adopts biennial budgets that detail anticipated fee revenues and expenditures and does this through the administrative rulemaking process. This rulemaking process includes public notice, and public comment on each budget is requested. 

The Board adopted its 2023-2025 budget (July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2025) at its May 16, 2023 quarterly meeting. The Board has not included fee increases in its 2023-2025 budget. Fee increases were last imposed as part of the Board's 2017-2019 budget.

The following documents provide details on the Board budget and fees.