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Qualify & Apply for Exam


Click on this link to securely submit your application for pre-approval to sit for exam to the Board. Scroll down to read more about when application for pre-approval is required and for the application form.

Board exam standard

The Board requires that each Registered Landscape Architect must have passed all sections of the Landscape Architect Registration Examination (LARE) prepared by Council of Landscape Architect Registration Boards (CLARB) or the equivalent from past versions of the CLARB national exam. The current LARE is a four-part examination. All four parts of this examination are administered by CLARB through independent testing facilities. See the Exam Dates and Fees page for more details. The Board works with CLARB to determine equivalency of past vs. current exam forms.  The Board does NOT accept any other past or current state or provincial exams in lieu of the LARE.

Board approval to sit for exam

Exam candidates holding landscape architecture degrees from university programs approved by the Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board (LAAB) do NOT need to obtain pre-approval from the Board to start the exam process. All other exam candidates must apply to the Board for pre-approval to sit for exam. Application for Board pre-approval to sit for exam must include the following:
  • Completed application form for Board pre-approval to sit for the LARE examination
  • Official university transcript in sealed envelope from the university or sent by secure PDF direct from the registrar's office
  • Verification of work experience form(s);
  • Application fee: $100.00
See also the Board's Instructions for Exam Applicants and Frequently Asked Questions guidance document. 

Paths to meeting education requirement for exam

LAAB Degree

A LAAB degree is considered by the Board to equate to five (5) years of education experience. The Board does not require any work experience to sit for exam for candidates holding an LAAB degree. Exam candidates with a LAAB degree do NOT need to obtain Board pre-approval to sit for exam. 

Non-LAAB Degree

In lieu of an LAAB degree, an exam candidate may satisfy the Board’s education requirement for exam by accumulating the required five (5) years of credit through a combination of education and work experience as follows:

Education Non-LAAB Degree  

Note: The degrees listed below cannot be combined to satisfy the 5-year education requirement.
  • Non-accredited B.L.A or M.L.A. = four (4) years education credit;
  • Accredited B.Arch. or M.Arch = four (4) years education credit;
  • Accredited degree in Civil Engineering = four (4) years education credit; or
  • Any other Bachelor's degree = two (2) years education credit; AND 

Experience Non-LAAB Degree

  • Up to three (3) years of diversified experience in landscape architecture under the direct supervision of a licensed or registered Landscape Architect can fulfill the balance of the five (5) years required to sit for the examination. Note: Work experience applied as education credit may not also be used to satisfy work experience requirements for registration as a Landscape Architect. Additional work experience will be required to meet registration requirements.
  • Experience in lieu of degree An applicant may satisfy the Board's education requirement by completing eight (8) years of experience under the direct supervision of a licensed or registered Landscape Architect. The Board recommends that an applicant considering this path contact the Board office to discuss. Additional work experience will be required to meet registration requirements.
For more details, see Board rules in OAR Chapter 804 Division 10 and Division 20.

Application deadlines

The Board's application deadline for pre-approval to sit for the LARE is 30 days prior to the close of CLARB’s registration period for the applicant’s first requested exam date. A Board approval to sit for exam is valid for 5 years from the date of issuance with the possibility of a 1-year extension upon timely request to the Board office. The Board approval authorizes an exam candidate to register for all sections of the LARE, either at one time or at separate times and in any order. Within the 5 year period, the exam candidate may apply directly to CLARB to retake failed sections without returning to the Board for further approval. See also the Exam Dates and Fees page for more details. 
If the Board’s approval and any subsequent extension expires before an exam candidate completes all sections of the LARE, then that candidate may submit a new application to the Board but must include with the application a written explanation of preparation undertaken to facilitate completion of the LARE. The Board will not require exam candidates to retake sections of the LARE that were passed before the Board approval expired. 

To register for the exams, upon receiving approval from the Board, go to the CLARB website.