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Contract Requirements

When are contracts required?

Written contracts are required for landscaping work when a business charges $2,000 or more. This includes:
  • all landscape work;
  • on the same job site;
  • for the same owner; and
  • in a 12-month period.
There are specific requirements that must be in a written contract for landscaping work.  

Contract standards

Landscaping contracts and subcontracts with a homeowner or an agent of the homeowner must include, but not be limited to, the following:

  1. Landscape contracting business name, license number, business address and telephone number;
  2. Consumer's name and address;
  3. Address or location of work to be performed if different from the consumer's address;
  4. General description of the work to be performed and the materials to be installed;
  5. Estimated time for completion or estimated completion date;
  6. Price and payment schedule;
  7. Description of guarantee; if no guarantee such a statement shall be included;
  8. Signatures of the authorized business representative and consumer;
  9. Statement that the business is licensed by the State Landscape Contractors Board and the current address and phone number of the board.
  10. If subcontractors will be used for the performance of landscaping work, the contract must include a statement notifying the consumer that there will be subcontractors used to perform landscape work.
  11. If the contract contains an arbitration clause, a statement that the consumer may be waiving their right to access the LCB claim process and business’ bond.

Change orders

Change orders or amendments to written contracts are required.  A change order needs to:
  • identify the scope of the change or amendment;
  • be agreed to by both parties; and 
  • be in writing. 
Change orders need to be agreed on, but signatures are not required.  An email or a text message from both parties stating agreement is acceptable.