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Contract Requirements

When are contracts required?

Written contracts are required for landscaping work when a business charges $2,000 or more. This includes:
  • all landscape work;
  • on the same job site;
  • for the same owner; and
  • in a 12-month period.
There are specific requirements that must be in a written contract for landscaping work.  

Change orders

Change orders or amendments to written contracts are required.  A change order needs to:
  • identify the scope of the change or amendment;
  • be agreed to by both parties; and 
  • be in writing. 
Change orders need to be agreed on, but signatures are not required.  An email or a text message from both parties stating agreement is acceptable.

Contract review

Do you wonder whether your contract is in compliance with the LCB's contract standards?  We want to help!  The LCB is offering to review your contract.  If you would like us to review your contract, please send sample contract and we will send you feedback.  Please do NOT send us a signed contract.

Send the contract to

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