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Apply for a License

*** Please see our Temporary Changes to Application Form Procedures in Response to COVID-19. ***

General Information

License Requirements Flowchart 

The basic requirements for licensing include review of your academic education, supervised clinical experience, and passage of a national competency exam. Applications will be reviewed and approved under laws and rules in effect at time of application.

Application Fee: In addition to the forms, you must submit a non-refundable license application fee, which includes the cost of the required fingerprint-based criminal background check.

Statutes (Laws) and Administrative Rules:  These contain your legal rights and responsibilities. Please review the licensure laws and rules carefully prior to completing and submitting your application.

Application Methods & Required Forms

Review each application method and decide which best fits your circumstances:

The direct method is required for applicants who seek acceptance of supervised work experience completed in another jurisdiction or in Oregon before June 30, 2002.
This method requires the applicant to document no less than the total minimum number of supervised work experience hours required for licensure, all of which must have been completed prior to the date of application for licensure.​

Required Materials:

​The internship registration method is required for applicants who seek acceptance of post-degree supervised work experience completed in Oregon after June 30, 2002. This method requires the applicant to obtain Board approval of a proposed plan for completing required hours of supervised work experience. No less than 1,000 hours of supervised work experience must be completed under an approved plan.  See the Internship Page for more detail on the requirements.

Required Materials:

​Former applicants, who reapply, may transfer previously filed documents if the documents are available in the Board's office.

Former registered interns, who reapply, may request a new registration number. ​Previously filed degree program information may be transferred if the documents are available in the Board's office.

Required Materials:

​The reciprocity method is required for applicants who ​​​are currently licensed as an LPC or LMFT (or comparable license) in another jurisdiction and seek acceptance of education and supervised work experience previously completed. The reciprocity method requires the applicant to document that the license held in another state is equivalent to the standards required for Oregon licensure as a professional counselor or as a marriage and family therapist. For those applicants who have been licensed in another jurisdiction for five or more years, your time of licensure can substitute for some of the education and experience requirements.

Required Materials:

​The re-licensure method is required for applicants who were licensed by the Board within the past 2 years. This method requires the applicant, as a previous Board licensee, to request a new license with a new license number, but without documenting further supervised work experience.

Required Materials:

* Clinical experience reported on the Post-Degree Supervised Work Experience Form must have been earned in Oregon before 2002 or in another state.

** An official verification is required for each professional license, registration, or certification to practice a healthcare profession in another jurisdiction, whether current or not. 

Forms can be sent to the Board's office: 
3218 Pringle Road SE, Suite 120
Salem, OR 97302

Online Application

Apply online through the Applicant Portal.

Important!  If you have already started or submitted an application to the Board, do not start or submit another application in the Applicant Portal.  This will cause a second system entry for you, which will lead to delays in the processing of your application and materials.  Instead, login to the Portal using the email that you have on record with the Board.  You can use the “forgot password” function if you do not remember your password, or if you are unsure which email address you have on record with the Board for your login, please contact us at

All application forms, fees and background check information must be submitted to the Board before application is considered complete. If you are unsure which forms to submit, please contact the Board office for guidance. 

Application Forms


Links to required education, experience, exam & PDS requirements can be found below:

Method of Payment

Pay online with card or electronic check.  Cash, checks, or outside e-payments are not accepted.

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