What is Inactive Status?
Beginning in October 2016, Licensees have the option to request that their license be placed on inactive status.  The following conditions apply:
  • Licensees who are on inactive status may not practice professional counseling or marriage and family therapy in the State of Oregon.
  • There is no continuing education (CE) required for those on or changing to inactive status, but note that it is required in order to reactivate.
  • The fee to renew an inactive license is $100 per year.  The fee to reactivate a license from inactive back to active status (in order to practice again) is $125.
  • Licensees previously granted a non-practicing CE waiver will need to request inactive status at their next renewal; otherwise, CE requirements will apply.
Note: Those not on inactive status are considered “active status” licensees.
How do I change to Inactive Status?
The simplest way is to make the change at your next renewal. The online renewal system will give you the option to select inactive status.  The system will then charge you the reduced fee, and will not require you to report continuing education.
Alternatively, you may send your written request to 3218 Pringle Road SE, Ste. 120, Salem, OR 97302 or to lpct.board@state.or.us.  Note that the Board cannot refund any difference in fees when you change status prior to your renewal.
How do I reactivate my license? 
Your license must be reactivated by the Board before you begin to practice again.  To be reactivated, the following conditions apply:
  • You must document completion of continuing education (CE) activities which at a minimum meet the requirements described in OAR Chapter 833, Division 80 within the 24 month period immediately preceding the requested date of reactivation.  In other words, the normal CE requirements for renewal apply, and must be completed within the previous 24 months.
  • You will need to submit a fully completed Reactivation Request Form and $125 fee.  If your license has been inactive for more than five years, you will need to also complete and submit the Law and Rules Exam along with the form and fee.  The Board will then send a letter indicating approval, or if there is anything missing or incomplete.
  • Reactivating between renewals means you will be required to complete a prorated amount of CE for the date of reactivation through the end of your CE reporting period.  Your letter will indicate the necessary hours.