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Firefighting ground resources

Incident Resources Agreement (IRA) Program

Thank you for your interest in assisting with the wildland firefighting in Oregon! ODF offers contractors the opportunity to provide fire resources through the administration of the ODF Incident Resource Agreements. We are working with our field offices to integrate efficient business practices with emphases on the culture and diversity of landowner/community relationships in Oregon.

Private contractors provide an array of firefighting resources to ODF and its partnering agencies for wildfire mitigation, including hand crews, water handling/heavy equipment, medical units, security services, mobile kitchens and more. These assets and services are secured by ODF Call-When-Needed (CWN) Incident Resource Agreements (IRA). IRA contractors may select to work within specific ODF geographic areas, or under statewide ODF jurisdiction.

IRA resources are used primarily on ODF and ODF/federal jurisdiction incidents in Oregon. Occasionally these resources may be requested for federal incidents in Oregon and neighboring states.

New vendor applications for equipment/overhead/services resources for the 2024 fire season will be accepted from April 1 through June 30, 2024. Current vendors may update resource rates during this timeframe. Applications for additional resources may be accepted after the deadline, contingent upon fire activity and resource needs on lands protected by ODF.

Applications received after June 2024 will be accepted at our district office locations and the geographic work location of the Resource Provider will be limited to the district where the agreement was executed.

Applications for new Type 2 wildland firefighting crews will not be accepted in 2024.

2024 ODF IRA Median Rate Guide for Contracted Resources

Part A

IRA Part A – Terms and Conditions applicable to ALL IRA RESOURCES

Part B

These forms are in PDF format. Download and open forms in Adobe to complete fillable fields.

IRA Part B – Resource Specific Terms and Conditions/Resource Information & Rate Sheets:

Part C

These forms are in PDF format. Download and open forms in Adobe to complete fillable fields.

Must be submitted with application document package.

Exhibit A

This form is in PDF format. Download and open form in Adobe to complete fillable fields.

Prescribed Fire RIDER (expanded scope of work option for current crew and equipment contractors)

NOTE: ALL IRA CONTRACTORS must be registered in the OregonBuys system to receive payment.

Executed 2022-2024 Incident Resource Agreements

Contact for copies of executed IRAs.

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