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Vehicle Title & Registration Handbook

The DMV Title & Registration Handbook covers most of the common transactions dealers and other businesses will encounter. It does not cover every procedure, rule or law.

Accurate applications get through processing faster. This handbook should help you, us, and the public get transactions completed promptly.

Update Notice

Updates are posted on a quarterly basis.

DMV updated the Cover Page, Foreword, Preface and Chapters D, H, J, K, M, and  the Index. Here is a summary of the changes.

Handbook Index

Cover Page (05/01/24)
Foreword (05/01/24)
Preface (09/01/23)
Table of Contents (09/01/23)
Index (05/01/24)


A: General Title Requirements (01/01/24)
B: Application for Title and Registration, Form 226 (11/01/23)
C: Application for Replacement Title, Form 515 (11/01/23) 
D: Miscellaneous Title Application Information (05/01/24)
E: Releases of Interest (09/01/23)
F: Ownership Documents (11/01/23)  
G: Operation of Law/Trusts (01/01/24)
H: Odometer Disclosure Requirements (05/01/24)
I: Security Interest Perfection (01/01/24)
J: Damaged/Totaled Vehicles (05/01/24)  
K: Registration (05/01/24)  
L: Vehicle Types (01/01/24)
M: Fees (05/01/24)  
N: Model, Makes, & Body Styles (04/01/19)
O: Tow/Recovery Vehicles (01/01/24)  
P: Dismantlers (09/01/23)
Q: Insurers (09/01/23)
R: Dealers (01/01/24)
S: Permit Charts (09/01/23)

Have Questions Or Need Help?

If you have questions about, or need help with a title or registration transaction, please contact DMV.

If you are having trouble with the PDF files provided above, please visit our Help with Forms & Publications page.

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