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Asset Management Technical Documents

This page provides a list of technical documents related to our Asset Management Program.

Bike and Pedestrian Facilities, Parking, ADA Ramps and Curbs Users Guide

This guide assists ODOT employees and contractors gather and maintain data about the state highway system and its features throughout the state. This includes: 

  • Bicycle and pedestrian facilities.
  • Parking.
  • ADA ramps and curbs.
  • Road inventory.

Bike-Pedestrian Data Collection Guide

Traffic Barrier Data Collection Users Guide

This guide assists ODOT employees and outside contractors in gathering traffic barrier inventory information and to maintain a consistent data collection method throughout the state. This helps the agency by:

  • Providing reliable and accurate asset information.
  • Ensuring that public agency activities are consistent with existing federal guidelines, current accounting practices, such as Governmental Accounting Standards Board Statement 34.
  • Helping ODOT as an agency demonstrate to the public that they are responsible stewards of Oregon’s transportation assets.

Traffic Barrier Data Collection Guide

Culvert Inspection & Inventory Field Handbook

This guide is designed to be a quick reference for trained qualified employees in the field. The contents of this book are developed to ensure repeatable results and statewide consistency. Need more information? See our Culvert Management page or contact Rob Trevis, P.E. Culvert Engineering Program leader.

1R Culvert Inventory Training

This training is provided to help field crews with the 1R culvert information down loaded from the FACS-STIP tool. Field crews should follow the contents of this training as closely as possible to ensure program wide uniformity and consistency.

Oregon DOT 1R Culvert Inventory Training Manual

FACS-STIP Users Guide

This guide provides guidance about how to navigate the map tool, Data to Go and asset reports.

It covers features, attributes and conditions survey, or FACS, for the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program, or STIP.

FACS-STIP User Guide

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