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OR 213: Roundabout at Toliver Road

Project Completed

Region 1: Portland metro and Hood River County (Molalla, Clackamas)

​​​​​​ODOT, in partnership with the City of Molalla, is improving safety at the intersection of OR 213 and Toliver Road in Molalla by constructing a roundabout.


Traffic Impact

The roundabout is now open! 

Thank you for your patience while we constructed the roundabout. We know closing the intersection had a big impact on traffic in the area. Please read below or watch a video for some reminders about how to navigate through the roundabout.

In the coming weeks, you can expect some periodic nighttime lane closures with flaggers directing traffic on OR 213 and periodic daytime lane closures on Toliver Road. 

Approach: Slow, watch for signs and people.
Enter: Yield to traffic in roundabout, wait for gap, merge.
Proceed: move around the circle. Don't pass bikes.
Exit: use your turn signal and watch for people using the crosswalk.


  • Design was complete in 2022. 
  • Utility work spring 2023. 
  • Construction summmer 2023. 
Schedule is subject to change.



The intersection of OR 213 and Toliver Road was controlled by stop signs and has a high rate of crashes. A roundabout will improve safety by reducing sharp turns while also accommodating the type of traffic that uses it, including large vehicles like trucks, buses and agricultural equipment.

In 2018, ODOT conducted a Road Safety Audit which studied the safety concerns and travel through the intersection and identified potential solutions. Through this audit and work with local agencies and engineers, it was determined a roundabout will bring the greatest safety benefits.

In addition, we installed new lighting at the intersection. 

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OR 213 |

​At the intersection of Toliver Road

Cost and Funding

$9.6M including funding from the City of Molalla. 


The intersection of OR 213 and Toliver Road has a high crash rate, within the top 10 percent of all highway segments in the state. Between 2007 and the end of 2016, there were 38 crashes and 83 percent of crashes resulted in injury. Constructing a roundabout will improve safety for travelers while still allowing turning movements.

Additional Information

What is a roundabout?
A roundabout is a type of circular intersection that uses yield signs to control traffic entering the intersection. Roundabouts are designed with curved entrances to reduce speeds and to reduce high-speed, head-on, right-angle and turning crashes, which improves safety. 

Learn more about roundabouts. 

Why not install a traffic signal?

While a traffic signal may facilitate all the directions of traffic and turns, installing new traffic signals can result in an increase in rear-end crashes. In rural areas, new traffic signals are associated with a 77 percent reduction in angle crashes, but also a 58 percent increase in rear-end crashes, which can be severe and fatal in high-speed areas. 

Traffic signals do not address speeds at an intersection − roundabouts do reduce speeds. Often drivers accelerate through an intersection to try to make it through before the signal turns red, which is dangerous. 
A roundabout was found to facilitate all directions of traffic and turning movements while bringing the greatest safety benefits, including reducing speeds into the community. 

Can trucks/buses/farm equipment use a roundabout? 
Yes! The roundabout will be designed to accommodate the types of vehicles that currently use this intersection, including school buses, farm equipment and trucks. If you are concerned about a piece of equipment fitting through the roundabout, please contact the project team.

How do I use a roundabout?
Watch a video​ from the Federal Highway Administration to learn more about how to use a roundabout. ​​


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