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Innovative Mobility Program



What is the Innovative Mobility Program?

The Innovative Mobility Program (IMP) is a new initiative from the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) that aims to improve access to public transportation, reduce the number of trips Oregonians make by car, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The IMP has a special focus on equity and helping historically excluded groups to get to where they need to go more quickly, cheaply and safely. The IMP is funded by Infrastructure, Investment and Jobs Act, passed by Congress in November 2021, as well as state of Oregon dollars. The program has a total of $20 million for grants and contracts from 2022-25. 

Opportunities under the IMP


Microgrants for up to $5,000 are available on a rolling basis with no deadline for application.

Please review our Microgrant Program Guidance for more information on eligible and ineligible activities, our evaluation process, and reporting requirements.

You can apply for a microgrant here: IMP Microgrant Application.

ODOT staff are able to provide technical assistance with the microgrant process. We can help with things like brainstorming, material preparation, and more. Please reach out to the IMP Coordinator Bridgette Bottinelli for more information at or 971-718-6724.

December 2022: Here is our list of current awardees.

Large competitive grants

The IMP will award large competitive grants on an annual and ongoing basis, and judge them on how well they meet the needs of historically excluded groups.

ODOT completed its first round of community engagement for the IMP in the summer of 2022, which included community-based organizations, government agencies, and transportation providers. ODOT received feedback on which services people need, who is interested in providing them, and what the barriers might be for taking part in the IMP, especially for members of historically excluded groups. You can read a summary of what we heard and how we're incorporating it into our design of the IMP here (en español) or read our 2022 IMP Engagement Report.

The large grants program is currently under design, with applications expected to open in late 2023.

IMP Technical Advisory Committee

The IMP Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) was created to provide feedback to ensure that large grants are reflective of the IMP goals and that equity is centered in the design, implementation, and outcomes of the IMP. The TAC is comprised of eight members and will meet up to six times throughout 2023, after which ODOT staff will determine whether the committee should continue. ODOT staff will finalize decisions regarding the scope, design, and implementation of the IMP grants and contracts. The Oregon Transportation Commission will make grant award funding decisions. Public comment will be available on work products the IMP TAC reviews.

MP Technical Advisory Committee Meetings

Start Date and Time
4/18/2023 1:00:00 PM
End Date and Time
4/18/2023 2:00:00 PM
Meeting Address


Additional Information
Start Date and Time
5/24/2023 2:00:00 PM
End Date and Time
5/24/2023 3:45:00 PM
Meeting Address


Additional Information

Contracted services

Contracts will be awarded through a competitive public process. Contracted services under the IMP will include technical support for prospective grant applicants and grant awardees, targeted community engagement, and projects that meet the IMP's goals.

Requests for proposals (RFPs) are currently in design, with the first contracts expected to be announced in 2023.

What is a historically excluded group?

ODOT is taking a wide view of what “historically excluded” means. BIPOC communities, those living on low incomes, living with disabilities, seniors and young people and LGBTQ+ are some examples, but projects serving any group that has been excluded or whose needs haven’t been met by our existing transportation system will be prioritized.

Who is eligible?

A broad range of organizations can apply for IMP funding, including:
  • 501(c)(3) registered nonprofits and businesses providing community services.
  • Tribal, State, regional, and local government agencies.
  • Metropolitan planning associations and transportation management associations.
  • Transit agencies and transportation service providers.
  • Public schools, school districts, and universities.

What kinds of services will the Innovative Mobility Program Fund?

The program can fund many transportation related activities including (but not limited to):
  • Pedal and Electric bike lending libraries and bike shares
  • Electric scooter shares and lending libraries
  • Transportation wallets
  • Subsidized fares
  • Carpools and Vanpools
  • Equipment (e.g. bike locks and helmets)
  • Infrastructure (e.g. bike racks, safety signage, more accessible transit stops)
  • Training and information (e.g. bike and scooter training, safety training, navigation training)

How can I tell ODOT what I think about the Innovative Mobility Program?

Completing this short survey will help us to understand how you use transportation services and how ODOT can design a program that meets your needs:

In English:

En Espanol:

You can also contact the Innovative Mobility Program Manager Dorian Pacheco for more information at or sign up for updates on the Innovative Mobility Program email list.