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DMV Offices

Make an Appointment with DMV
Some DMV services are only offered at a limited number of locations. Before making an appointment, click on the links below to see which offices near you offer the services you need.


The DMV Office List is also available in the following languages:

Make an appointment with DMV. You can also change or cancel an already scheduled appointment. 

Face Masks

Due to the Governor's order on July 30, 2021, you should be prepared to wear a face covering/mask at all DMV offices. If you are taking a drive test, you will be required to wear a face covering/mask during your drive test.

General Information

DMV has offices all across the state.  Use the map below to find an office.

  • Offices are open by appointment. Some offices have a limited standby line.  Please check if your DMV office has a standby option by clicking on your office name below.
  • Drive test appointments do not include the written knowledge test.
  • Vehicle title appointments include a title or a title with registration transaction and may include up to two transactions.
  • Vehicle registration only in-person appointments are not currently available, but you can complete your transaction online or through the mail. See Options to Renew for more information.
  • Please note that due to extreme local weather conditions (excessive heat, snow, ice, heavy rain, etc.), drive-up VIN inspection lines may be temporarily closed. Check the individual office page you plan to visit from the list below for information on closures before you go.
  • All DMV offices are closed on weekends and statewide holidays.
  • Some DMV offices have non-standard hours or are only open on certain days. Visit the office page to see when it is open and learn about other office details, including parking rules.
  • All DMV offices accept cash, credit/debit cards and checks.
  • Do not mail transaction to individual office locations. Mail transactions must be sent to DMV Headquarters at 1905 Lana Avenue NE, Salem, OR, 97314.

Dealer Processing Centers

Dealer processing centers are not accepting dealer work at this time. Title transactions are not eligible for in-office appointments. All title and registration transactions should be mailed to DMV Headquarters or use EVR.

Inclement Weather

During inclement weather, view office building closures on the Department of Administrative Services website. You can also see the individual office status by checking the interactive office map below.

For customers who have an appointment scheduled:

  • If you have an appointment for a drive test scheduled, please call Customer Assistance at 503-945-5000 to see if vehicle traction devices are needed for your test.
  • If you have an appointment scheduled at a field office that is closed or a drive test that is canceled due to inclement weather, DMV will notify you of the closure by email. Please check your email before leaving for your appointment if you are concerned about a closure. If DMV cancels your appointment, office staff will contact you by phone to reschedule your appointment. Please note: Staff may be calling from a blocked or non-local number. 
  • If the office where you scheduled appointment is open, but you wish to reschedule for a different day, go online to and follow the directions to reschedule your appointment. Office staff will not contact no-shows to reschedule.

Office Map

Office status shown on this map is in real-time.  If an office has not opened for business yet, "Office Closed" will be displayed. To check if an office you want to visit will be open later in the day, choose the office from the list below and view the office page for any closure or late opening alerts.


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