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Project Details

I-105: Willamette River Connectors and 1st to 7th Ave Viaducts Bridge Preservation

Construction Phase

Region 2: Willamette Valley and Northwest Oregon (Eugene, Lane)

I-105 bridges and ramps between the Delta Highway interchange and downtown Eugene are being repaired, repaved, and getting seismic upgrades.


Traffic Impact

Traffic has shifted to the east side of the work zone. 

There are TWO lanes of travel westbound, and one lane eastbound in the work zone south of the Willamette River, 24 hours a day. Pay attention and let your fellow traveler's merge.

Traffic delays are minimal most of the time. Both directions of traffic are in the eastbound lanes, separated by concrete barrier. 

Removal of the west side of the bridge began Wednesday, January 16 and will continue for about six weeks.

A bridge joint is being replaced in the left lane of the Washington Street on ramp. A small bump remains in the right lane over the new joint. These will disappear when the ramp is repaved later in the project.

Lane closures and detours are necessary and will cause backups at times during the project. Expect delays, 24-hour lane closures, and ramp closures as the project continues. Closure schedules will be announced well in advance.

Plan ahead. Give yourself more time, take a different route, and try carpooling, the bus, walking or biking if you can.

Construction Impacts

Lane closures will occur throughout the project on different parts of the bridge.​Parts of this project will be noisy.  

The multi-use paths underneath the Willamette River Bridge will remain open on both sides of the river during construction. Protection measures will be in place to ensure the safety of people on the path from work being done on the bridge above. 

Exact timelines are under review, but during part of the project there will be closures of the southbound Delta Highway ramp to I-105 westbound and the I-105 ramps at 6th and 7th. Notice of closures will be given well in advance.  

Several two week closures of the Washington/Jefferson Street Park, including the restrooms, are planned. Otherwise, the park and restrooms will remain open during construction. The park cannot be closed between June 1 and September 1, or December 27 - January 3, unless there is an emergency need.


The project will be completed in early 2021.



I-105 bridges and associated ramps between the Delta Highway Interchange and downtown Eugene were built in the late 1960s and early 1970s and are in need of repairs and upgrades. Work to be done includes:

  • Installing guardrails that meet current crash standards 
  • Paving
  • Seismic upgrades
  • Replacing bridge joints

R2 - I-105 project area.jpg 

One section of the road is actually a bridge that was to go over a highway that was never built. Now that bridge needs repairs. Since it is not needed, the bridge is being removed and fill added to make the section regular, paved road as the first portion of the project.

I-105 Parkway Bridge web.jpg 

Before Construction​​​


I-105 |

Between the Delta Highway interchange and downtown Eugene

Cost and Funding

​Project Budget: $18 million


​Wildish Standard Paving

Additional Information

​The schedule of the entire project is currently under review to reassess the work that needs to be done, the schedule for that work, the associated budget, and how changes to those aspects could lessen construction impacts to the community.

Why did this project begin in the fall?

  • Bridge work and concrete paving can be done any time of the year.
  • Longer, year-round projects begin throughout the year. This helps ODOT and our contractors better plan and balance the use of employee and equipment resources
Is construction done around the clock?
  • Most construction is not around the clock, but there will be portions where it will be. You will see around the clock work when the project is something that can be shortened with more time spent.
Why doesn't TripCheck show traffic delay information?
  • The color coding of the road shows how traffic is moving, but not the time it will take. It also shows any incidents that may be occurring, like disabled vehicles or crashes. We don't have the technology in place to show real time travel time on I-105 right now.

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Project Contacts

Project Manager
Steve Templin

Public Information Officer
Angela Beers Seydel

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