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U.S. 26: Boring Road (SE 282nd Avenue) Bridge Raising

Project Completed

Region 1: Portland metro and Hood River County (Clackamas)

The SE 282nd Avenue/Boring Road overpass was raised, repaired and resurfaced in 2018​​


Construction Impacts

Oct. 2018: The Boring Road/SE 282nd Avenue bridge over U.S. 26 is open and construction is complete. No more traffic impacts are expected.

Learn more about the project and bridge raising by visiting the online open house.
Small_Bridge Raising 2018.8.06.jpg
Bridge supports with jacks.

small_Bridge Raised 28 Inchs.jpg
Bridge raised full 28 inches.


Design: Fall 2016 – December 2017 
​Vegetation Removal: Feb. 2018 ​​ 
Construction: June 2018 – Fall 2018



ODOT has completed work to improve the Boring Road overpass at U.S. 26 by raising it to accommodate over-height vehicles. Additional clearance will allow large vehicles to stay on U.S. 26 instead of being detoured onto Orient Drive and Kelso Road.

The project included these key elements:
  • Raise SE 282nd Avenue/Boring Road overpass at U.S. 26 by more than two feet.
  • Repair and resurface the roadway on the overpass.
  • Build new storm water ponds.

How many vehicle use Boring Road/SE 282nd Avenue?
As of 2015, 8300 vehicles travel on SE 282nd Avenue north of OR 212 on an average day according to Clackamas County traffic data.

How many over height vehicles currently detour off of U.S. 26 and will benefit from this project?
In 2016, ODOT issues 77 eastbound permits for trucks higher than 14 feet 8 inches and 21 westbound permits for trucks higher than 15 feet. Currently these trucks detour onto local roads.

Now that the work is complete, the overpass allows for 17 feet of clearance between the road surface of U.S. 26 and the overpass.
Did ODOT consider lowering U.S. 26 instead of raising the Boring Road/SE 282nd Avenue overpass?
Lowering U.S. 26 would cost an additional $5 million, result in greater environmental impact and significant traffic delays on U.S. 26. Due to the reasons, crews will instead raise the overpass more than two feet. 


N/A | SE 282nd Avenue/Boring Road overpass​

Cost and Funding


Additional Information

​​For ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) or Civil Rights Title VI accommodations, translation/interpretation services, or more information call 503-731-4128, TTY 800-735-2900 or Oregon Relay Service 7-1-1.​​​ 

Si desea obtener información sobre este proyecto traducida al español, sírvase llamar al 503-731-4128. 

Если вы хотите, чтобы информация об этом проекте была переведена на русский язык, пожалуйста, звоните по телефону 503-731-4128. 

如果您想瞭解這個項目翻譯成 繁體中文 的相關資訊,請致電(503)731-4128. 如果您想了解这个项目翻译成 简体中文 的相关信息,请致电503-731-4128​. 

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Project Contact

Community Affairs Coordinator
Lili Boicourt

Last Updated

9/16/2019 11:05 AM

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