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U.S. 101: Devils Lake Outlet, Schooner Creek and Siltcoos River Bridges Cathodic Protection Project

Construction Phase

Region 2: Willamette Valley and Northwest Oregon (Dunes City, Lincoln City, Lane, Lincoln)

​​​​Three bridges on U.S. 101 Oregon Coast Highway will be repaired and cathodic protection installed.

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Traffic Impact

Expect intermittent lane closures. Single lane closures will be allowed at night when traffic volumes are lower. Temporary traffic control will be in place to guide travelers through the work zone. Sidewalks on each side of the bridges will be closed periodically. ​

Construction Impacts

D River:

The remaining work will be done and night and is weather dependent. It includes installing a concrete surfacing to the bridge, paving at the bridge ends, and striping.  There is also a small amount of coating work to finish on the bridge rail posts.  

Schooner Creek: 

Remaining work will be done at night and is weather dependent. It includes striping and finishing the protective coating on the bridge rail posts.  

Siltcoos River Bridge:

Remaining work includes concrete repair, coating work on the bridge rail, placing a concrete surfacing to the bridge deck, reconstruction of the roadway at the bridge ends, and paving and striping.  The remaining work is weather dependent and will require lane closures that may be day or night. 

Check for construction status and current travel conditions.

A​ccess for pedestrians, including those with disabilities, will be available and identified through or around work zones.​


​Construction is estimated to be completed in summer 2022.



​These bridges have deteriorated from the salt air on the coast and are in need of repair. If nothing is done, the bridges would eventually have to be replaced. They might also need to be load rated, meaning that large vehicles over a certain weight would not be able to travel over them.

The bridges will receive titanium and steel reinforcements on the bridge deck and along the girders under the bridge to strengthen them. This will require cutting narrow slots and drilling small holes to insert the reinforcements, which will then be secured to the bridge with an epoxy.

Bridge rails will be replaced with new rails that meet current standards. A variety of methods will be needed to remove the old rail while not damaging portions of the bridge that remain, including chipping and hydro-demolition.

The bridges will also receive cathodic protection, which provides a shield of protective coating to prevent the steel from corroding.

​This is one of a series of bridge cathodic protection projects along the Oregon Coast, designed to keep the structures in service for years to come.


U.S. 101 | ​Lincoln City and Dune City, south of Florence

Cost and Funding

$11.782 million for planning and construction

Contacts & Media

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Project Contacts

Resident Engineer
Steve Schultz

Public Information Officer
Angela Beers Seydel

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5/12/2022 1:34 PM

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