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I-5: Aurora-Donald Interchange Project, Phase 1A

Construction Phase

Region 2: Willamette Valley and Northwest Oregon (Aurora, Donald, Marion)

​​​​​​​​​​​Addressing interchange problems and determining immediate and long-term improvements.​​​​​​

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Traffic Impact

Expect delays, traffic is down to one lane on Ehlen Road controlled by flaggers.

Construction Impacts

On June 22 and June 27 Ehlen Road will be down to one lane from new Bents Road to the I-5 interchange with flaggers directing alternating directions of traffic between 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. 

Expect delays on Ehlen Road and for traffic using I-5 exit 278 in both directions. Businesses will be open, but entry and exit will be impacted.

There will be a two week northbound ramp closure August 1-15. A detour route​ will be in place.​​

For the most up to date information, visit TripCheck.​

Construction Activities

view the interactive map to learn what other projects are constructing this year

Construction continues on the east side of the northbound off-ramp. Work vehicles are entering the work site from the northbound off-ramp and exiting the work site onto Ehlen Road at the intersection.

We’ve started construction on the new Bents Road. Expect construction vehicles entering and exiting the new alignment from Bents Road.

Our crews are constructing a sound wall and retaining wall on the east side of the northbound off-ramp and building the subgrade for the new Bents Road north west of the interchange.

To learn about what other projects we are constructing this year, view our interactive map​.​

 ​Pedestrians, including those ​with disabilities, will have access through or around the work zone.



In preparation for future reconstruction of the interchange, the current phase will:

  • Lengthen and widen the northbound off-ramp.

  • Build a sound wall along the northbound off-ramp. 

  • Realign Bents Road to align with Bents Court at Ehlen Road.

  • Install a new traffic signal at the new Bents Road and Ehlen Road intersection.​

In future phases we will:

  • Replace the I-5 bridges over Ehlen Road. ​

  • Reconstruct the I-5 travel lanes to match the new I-5 bridge.

  • ​Construct a four-lane cross section on Ehlen Road, between the northbound and southbound I-5 ramps, with two new left-turn lanes to access the I-5 on-ramps and one through lane in each direction.​

  • Lengthen and widen the southbound off-ramp, the southbound on-ramp and the northbound on-ramp –  completely upgrading all freeway ramps.

  • Relocate the Dolores Way and Ehlen Road intersection to the east. ​


We completed the Interchange Area Management Plan (IAMP) that documents the traffic volumes and interchange performance in order to define a level of service and to ensure that level will extend into the future.  The IAMP establishes an agreement with local government and stakeholders on the transportation solutions, policies, and actions needed to improve the interchange.

The IAMP and the appendix files are available in the document library at the bottom of this page.

Design of the Interchange

We considered many factors such as safety, traffic flow, short and long-term transportation needs as we designed the new interchange. During the development process, the design was narrowed to a concept that minimizes the footprint of a full interchange. However, some private property will need to be acquired to construct the project. 
Diverging Diamond Interchange Diagram

The preferred design is called a Diverging Diamond. The concept image represents how ramps and roads connect to I-5. The design realigns some of county roads and private-property accesses. Considerations included survey, environmental and traffic data, and conversations with property and business owners. These are all documented in the IAMP.

Reconstructing this interchange is a high priority of the Mid-Willamette Valley Area Transportation Commission, Marion County and ODOT.

Daily, approximately 32,000 vehicles use Exit 278 Aurora-Donald or travel past the ramps entering and exiting I-5. The volume of traffic, proximity of roads and access points, and visibility issues cause congestion and safety concerns around the interchange. Built about 60 years ago for a much lower traffic volume, the interchange has been over capacity at peak times for many years.

It has significant safety issues and does not operate like a busy interchange should. Phase 1 construction will make improvements to the interchange and address some of the current issues.


Phase 1A Design through 2021
Construction in 2022


I-5 | ​Aurora-Donald Interchange (Exit 278)

Cost and Funding

The project was originally funded at $3.4 million. House Bill 2017 allocated nearly $25 million more for a total of $28.3 million to complete planning for the full interchange and design, and for construction of Phase 1.

$11 million will be used to construct Phase 1A improvements. Funding is not available for construction of a full interchange.

Contacts & Media

Phase 1A Project Area Map

Project Contacts

Project Manager
Dave Davies

Assistant Resident Engineer
Astrid Potter

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