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OR 569: Beltline/Delta Interchange Project

Construction Phase

Region 2: Willamette Valley and Northwest Oregon (Eugene, Lane)

​​​​​​​This project will reconstruct the Beltline Highway/Delta Highway interchange to improve safety and traffic flow​.​​​

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Traffic Impact

Work impacting traffic to occur during nights.  
Contractor is continuing work on the new sound wall. Fencing is being installed on the new bridge. Embankment work on either side of the bridge is being addressed. Earthwork prep for widening Beltline eastbound is underway. ​

Construction Impacts

Interactive Construction MapMotorists should expect slower speeds on the new ramp due to the new layout.

Visit​ for up-to-date traffic and construction information.

Work zone safety will be enforced by police.  ​

Pedestrians, including those with disabilities, will have access through or around work zones. 



The interchange was designed and built when the surrounding area was still rural. The problems that will be addressed by this project are: 

  • The outdated interchange design creates merging and weaving issues on the two intersecting highways.
  • This area has been identified as a high crash location by ODOT's Safety Priority Index System (SPIS) in 2012 and 2014.
​This project was identified through the 2014 Beltline Facility Plan and is designed to work with improvements outlined in the plan.

Changes will be made to the Interchange Configuration

  • Eastbound drivers exiting Beltline to northbound Delta will pass through a new traffic signal. 
  • The exit ramp from Beltline to northbound and southbound Delta will be extended to the Willamette River Bridge. This will allow traffic to exit Beltline sooner.
  • A new bridge will take northbound Delta traffic onto westbound Beltline (via the loop ramp). The new bridge will be constructed next to the existing overpass specifically for this traffic.
  • The loop ramp for westbound traffic is being reconstructed to add a new lane; after completion the loop ramp will have two lanes​.
  • A new ramp meter will be installed at the end of the loop ramp, at the merge with westbound Beltline. The ramp meter will create space between cars and trucks entering the highway, allowing traffic on Beltline to flow more smoothly. 

Travel will change through the interchange as ramps are improved:

  • Loop ramp from eastbound Beltline to northbound Delta will be removed.
  • Off-ramp from eastbound Beltline to southbound Delta will be reconfigured.
  • Loop ramp from northbound Delta to westbound Beltline will be reconstructed.
  • On-ramp from Goodpasture Island Road to northbound Delta will be reconfigured.


Construction has begun and is expected to last through 2021


OR 569 | ​Intersection of Beltline Highway and Delta Highway, milepost 10.5

Cost and Funding

Project Budget: $20 million 
Construction: $13.5 million

Contacts & Media

Project Area Map


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Project Contacts

Assistant Resident Engineer
Shane Prohaska

Public Information Officer
Angela Beers Seydel

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Last Updated

1/27/2021 8:36 AM

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