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Project Details

OR 569: Randy Papé Beltline Projects - Beltline/Delta Interchange Project

Design Phase

Region 2: Willamette Valley and Northwest Oregon (Eugene, Lane)

​This project will reconstruct the Beltline Highway/Delta Highway interchange to improve traffic flow and safety​


Traffic Impact

Travelers should expect trafffic changes, including ramp closures and detours, once construction begins.​

Meetings and Events

Find more information on overall improvement concepts for Beltline Highway from Delta Highway to River Road.

An open house on the improvement concepts for Beltline Highway was help on June 4, 2019. 


Final designs will be completed in 2019

Construction is expected to begin in 2020



Changes will be made to the Interchange Configuration

  • Eastbound drivers exiting Beltline to northbound Delta will pass through a new traffic signal. This will slow traffic, but reduce conflicts (on Beltline) making the interchange safer for everyone. Eastbound drivers exiting Beltline to southbound Delta will not have to stop at the signal, but the ramp will be reconfigured to slow traffic. This will improve safety for everyone using Delta.
  • The exit ramp from Beltline to Delta (northbound and southbound) will be extended to the west (to the bridge over the Willamette River). This will allow traffic to exit Beltline sooner, freeing the through lanes for eastbound traffic.
  • Northbound Delta traffic exiting onto westbound Beltline (on the loop ramp) will be separated from northbound traffic continuing onto the Delta Oaks area. Westbound traffic will not pass through the new intersection. A new overpass will be constructed next to the existing overpass specifically for this traffic.
  • The loop ramp for westbound traffic will be reconstructed to provide two lanes for cars to queue as they wait to merge onto Beltline. The new overpass and roadway alignment (separated from the new intersection) also provides additional space for cars to queue, without interfering with through northbound traffic.
  • A new ramp meter will be installed at the end of the loop ramp, at the merge with westbound Beltline. There is already a ramp meter at the other westbound on-ramp. The ramp meter will create space between cars and trucks entering the highway, allowing traffic on Beltline to flow
    more smoothly. 

Some existing ramps will be removed and replaced with new ramps, changing the way drivers travel through the interchange.

  • Loop ramp from eastbound Beltline to northbound Delta will be removed.
  • Off-ramp from eastbound Beltline to southbound Delta will be reconfigured.
  • Loop ramp from northbound Delta to westbound Beltline will be reconstructed.
  • On-ramp from Goodpasture Island Road to nortbound Delta will be reconfigured.  

 Beltline_InterchangeImprovement Map.jpg​​​​


OR 569 | ​The intersection of Beltline Highway and Delta Highway, milepost 10.5

Cost and Funding

​$20 million


OR 569 Randy Papé Beltline was built in the late 1960s. Projects are now underway or planned to address congestion, delays, and safety. 

This interchange was designed when the area was rural and traffic was light. Today the interchange is a key transportation route.
  • The outdated interchange design creates merging and weaving issues on the two intersecting highways.
  • This area has been identified as a high crash location by ODOT's Safety Priority Index System (SPIS) in 2012 and 2014.

Additional Information

​This project was identified through the 2014 Beltline Facility Plan and will be designed to work with improvements outlined in the plan. The plan also includes other projects to address safety and traffic issues from River Road to Delta Highway.

Related to travel on Beltline Highway:
I-105 Eugene-Springfield Highway has 24 hour lane closures as four bridges and eight ramps between the Delta Highway interchange and downtown Eugene are rehabilitated and brought up to current standards. Work will be coordinated with the Beltline/Delta Interchange Project to minimize travel impacts as much as possible.

Contacts & Media

Project Map

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Project Contacts

Project Manager
Molly Cary

Public Information Officer
Angela Beers Seydel

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