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U.S. 20: Tumalo-Cooley Road (Bend)

Project Completed

Region 4: Central Oregon (Bend, Deschutes)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This project will construct two roundabouts on U.S. 20 at U.S. 20/Cook Avenue and at U.S. 20/Old Bend Redmond Highway, extend a second, east-bound lane from Old Bend Redmond Highway to Cooley Road, construct a multi-use path on U.S. 20 between Cooley Road and Old Bend-Redmond Highway, resurface the Deschutes River Bridge, repave between the Deschutes River Bridge and Cooley Road and install a bicycle/pedestrian undercrossing beneath U.S. ​20 at 4th Street in Tumalo.

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Traffic Impact

Key Milestones



Bid: Summer 2022

Construction: 2022-2023​




Tumalo project area map


This project includes the pavement preservation and improvement of U.S. 20 from MP 14.31 to 17.39, bridge deck improvements on Deschutes River Bridge (#17251), roundabouts at the intersection of U.S. 20/Old Bend Redmond and U.S. 20/OB Riley Road, a bike/pedestrian under crossing at U.S. 20 and 4th Street in Tumalo and a multi-use path from Cooley Road to the intersection of Old Bend-Redmond Highway. The project will extend two eastbound lanes on U.S. 20 from the Old Bend-Redmond intersection east to milepost 17.23.​

The roundabouts will be equipped with flashing beacons and ADA compliant crosswalks and ramps.​

bicycle and pedestrian undercrossing

Planned improvements

  • Roundabout at intersection of U.S. 20 and OB Riley Road.
  • Roundabout at intersection of U.S. 20 and Old Bend-Redmond Highway
  • Multi-use path from Cooley Road (MP 17.39) to Old Bend-Redmond Highway (MP 16.7).
  • Extending two lanes eastbound on U.S. 20 from the Old Bend Redmond intersection east to MP 17.23.

 Tumalo Map Detail North


Intersection of U.S. 20 and OB Riley Road (roundabout)

Intersection of U.S. 20 and Old Bend-Redmond Highway (roundabout)

Deschutes River Bridge

U.S. 20 from MP 14.31 to 17.39 (pavement preservation)

U.S. 20 from Cooley Road to Old Bend-Redmond Highway (multi-use path and lane extension)

 ​Tumalo Map Detail South


U.S. 20 is a major east-west corridor, connecting Tumalo and Sisters to the west with Bend to the east. It supports a significant number of regional trips between the Willamette Valley and Central Oregon. This entire segment is classified as an urban principal arterial highway and  expressway. It is a designated truck, freight, and high clearance route, as well as a leg of the National Highway System.

As Deschutes County population grows, two intersections along the U.S. 20 Tumalo/Bend corridor have become points of elevated concern due to their history of congestion and crashes. ODOT data showed a total of 21 crashes on U.S. 20 between the intersections of 5th Street and Cook Avenue/OB Riley Road over a six-year period between 2009 and 2014.  Of these crashes, 14 were intersection related.  Nine resulted in injuries, including two that were severe. There were no fatalities during this period. Forty-three percent of the intersection crashes were left turning and 29 percent crossing maneuvers, with the majority caused being by failure to yield right-of-way.

ODOT and Deschutes County partnered to address these problems through a shared planning and public involvement process that identified traffic circles, or roundabouts, as the preferred method of reducing congestion and improving safety at these busy U.S. 20 highway intersections.

In addition to the roundabouts, Deschutes River Bridge, which crosses the U.S. 20 highway over the Deschutes River on the south end of Tum​alo, will be resurfaced, and the roadway repaved between the bridge and Cooley Road. This section of highway has experienced severe  rutting, fatigue, and cracking, and is in need of repair.


2018 – Project initiated

  • Phase 1: Performed traffic analysis to evaluate previously adopted concepts and new potential solutions. Completed Spring 2019 
  • Phase 2: Refined concept alternatives and conducted an extensive public outreach process to gain broad community and stakeholder input on potential solutions. Developed  project to 30 percent design. Completed Summer/Fall 2019
  • Phase 3: Right-of-way acquisition and develop the project to Final Design.  Ongoing.
  • Construction: Fall 2022-2023

Past safety improvements 

Like most ODOT projects, improving safety is a  primary goal of this project. To this end, ODOT and Deschutes County previously implemented short-term solutions to help improve safety in the U.S. 20 Tumalo/Bend corridor, including the following:

  • Speed studies conducted in 2005, 2007 and 2009. In 2005, the speed through Tumalo was reduced to 50 m.p.h, and in 2007, the speed was reduced to 45 m.p.h.
  • Advance speed zone signs installed east and west of Tumalo to alert drivers about​ the speed reduction ahead.
  • Realignment of O.B. Riley Road and created a four-way intersection.
  • Striping modifications to  improve safety for northbound traffic on O.B. Riley Road turning  right onto U.S. 20. 
  • Advance intersection signs with street names to improve awareness of upcoming intersections.


U.S. 20

Cost and Funding

Planning/design - $4.2 million
Construction - $15.6 million

Additional Information

​What is a roundabout?

A roundabou​t is a type of circular intersection that uses yield signs to control traffic entering the intersection. Roundabouts are designed with curved entrances to reduce speeds and to reduce high-speed, head-on, right-angle and turning crashes, which improves safety. 

Not sure how to use a roundabout?

Watch a video by the Federal Highway Administration to learn the rules of the roundabout​. Or read our All About Roundabouts FAQs​. Dual Lane Roundabout Tips

Here's what you need to know before you drive in a dual lane, or multi-lane, roundabout:

  • ​Use the correct lane when approaching the roundabout by following signs and pavement markings.
    • Left lane is for left turns, through movement or u-turns
    • Right lane is for through movement or right turns
    • There are NO left turns from right lane
  • Yield to both lanes of traffic and enter when there are appropriate gaps. Don't assume what someone else is going to do.
  • Don't stop in a roundabout. If you need to stop, exit the roundabout and pull over.
  • Don't change lanes a roundabout. Choose the appropriate lane before you enter it.
  • Don't pass vehicles in a roundabout. In Oregon, it is Illegal to pass trucks in roundabouts – ORS 811.292 (a class C traffic violation).
  • Use your turn signal when exiting the roundabout.

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Project Contacts

Assistant Resident Engineer
Michael Kinion, P.E.

Community Affairs Coordinator
Cody Franz
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