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Project Details

OR 22: Salem Center Street Bridge Seismic Retrofit

Planning Phase

Region 2: Willamette Valley and Northwest Oregon (Salem, Marion)

The scope of this project is to seismically analyze the series of structures that constitute the Center Street crossing of the Willamette River and determine retrofit measures for the identified vulnerable elements based on a full (Phase 1 & Phase 2) seismic retrofit approach. The following bridges will be analyzed under this project:

Bridge No.                                    Bridge Name                                              Milepost
00123K                                  Willamette River, EB (Center St)                 25.88
22523                                    Willamette River, EB Ramp                     25.69
22519                                    Willamette River, EB Ramp N.                     25.88
00123G                                  Willamette River, Ramp to SB                26.00

The proposed project will develop a general plan and cost estimate for completion of seismic retrofit of the Center Street Bridge such that it would remain a functional crossing of the Willamette River.  At this time, there is no budget for final design level plans or construction. ​



Current work:

An Advanced Investigation Study was conducted to evaluate what is needed to bring the Center Street Bridge up to current seismic standards.  The study included an analysis of workable seismic retrofit solutions, and a retrofit strategy that includes potential construction staging and costs.   

Work completed to date:

  • Agreement between ODOT, SKATS and City of Salem to partner in the funding of the project. 
  • SKATS amended their Transportation Improvement Program to add project and dedicate federal STP funding and ODOT Amended the STIP to add project scheduled to begin in 2017.
  • An Advance Investigation Study was conducted to evaluate what is needed to bring the bridge up to current seismic standards.
  • Intergovernmental Agreement Execution - June 2017
  • A/E Consultant Contract Awarded – Summer 2018
  • Final Bridge Type, Size and Location Package and Final Report –2019



​​The initial work was to prepare a plan and cost estimate for completion of the seismic retrofit of the Center Street Bridge such that the bridge would “survive” a major seismic event and continue to provide a functioning crossing of the Willamette River.  The project is included in HB 2017 and will be part of the future State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP).​​​


OR 22 | OR 22 Center Street bridge in Salem

Cost and Funding

​The project is currently funded at $200,000 for the delivery of a final Type, Size and Location bridge plan package and final report. The funding breakdown is as follows: SKATS (MTIP funding) - $179,460, ODOT -$15,405, and City of Salem - $5,135.  Total project costs through construction are anticipated to be near $100 million.

What Problem Will This Improve?


Additional Information

  • The Marion and Center Streets bridges are the only crossings of the Willamette River in the Salem area. The Marion Street Bridge was constructed in 1953, has had only limited updates and regular maintenance, and is in poor condition. The Center Street Bridge was replaced in 1985 and is in relatively good condition. In the event of a major seismic event, it is anticipated that both bridges would be significantly damaged and unpassable. Because of its age and condition, it is believed that seismic retrofit would not be a cost effective solution for the Marion Street Bridge. Seismic retrofit would, however, be appropriate for the Center Street Bridge.
  • The Advanced Investigation Study has determined the level and cost of installation of seismic retrofit measures on the Center Street bridge such that it will remain a functional crossing of the Willamette River. Installation of the retrofit measures will ensure that accessibility and connectivity across the river after a major seismic event will be maintained, although not at the current level assuming the Marion Street Bridge will not be in service. This is an important consideration given that most essential services necessary for residents of the West Salem area (including governmental and medical services) are on the east side of the river and would be inaccessible if both bridges should fail.

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Project Contacts

Project Manager
Alvin Shoblom

Public Information Officer
Lou Torres

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8/6/2019 12:46 PM

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