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Region 1 Rumble Strips Safety Project

Project Completed

Region 1: Portland metro and Hood River County (Clackamas, Multnomah, Washington)

​​​​​​​In 2021, we installed approximately 400 miles of rumble strips across 17 highways in the Portland metro area.


Construction Impacts

Construction is complete.  No traffic impacts expected.


Construction began in Feb. 2021 and finished in fall 2021.



​Roadway departure crashes and fatalities are a serious and often preventable problem. 66% of fatal crashes in Oregon are due to road departure and we are focusing on installing rumble strips in our shoulders and centerlines in order to reduce that number.

In 2021, we installed approximately 400 miles of rumble strips across 17 highways in the Portland metro area.  These important safety treatments significantly reduce fatal crashes on highways when drivers inadvertently depart their travel lane.  The locations of the rumble strips were chosen based on where documented safety concerns and crashes occur.

Rumble strips are grooved patterns installed in the center and shoulder of highways that create noise and vibration when driven over by a cars.  This alert immediately warns drivers that they are veering from their driving lane.  Rumble strips allow drivers to self-correct, return to their lane and avoid a crash. Shoulder rumble strips are used to reduce run-off-road crashes. Centerline rumble strips are used to reduce head-on and side-swipe crashes.

We primarily installed mumble strips - a new design of rumble strips - that uses a different wave pattern and still provides sufficient warning to drivers of lane departure, but with reduced roadside noise.  Mumble strips aren’t as disruptive to adjacent neighbors who may hear the noise generated by drivers hitting the grooved pavement.

Rumble strips will have gaps at intersections, interchanges, across on- and off-ramps and across bridges.  The strips are installed in a bike-friendly gap pattern along the shoulders.  Shoulder rumble strips are only installed where there is adequate shoulder width to accommodate a bike rider comfortably (four feet or more).

Locations of new rumble strips
Below are the locations of new shoulder rumble strips.  There will be gaps in these locations at interchanges, across on- and off-ramps and across bridges.  
  • ​I-5 from I-205 to the Marquam Bridge
  • I-5 from the Fremont Bridge to the Interstate Bridge 
  • I-84 from I-5 to I-205 
  • I-84 from the Troutdale exit to the Sandy River Bridge
  • I-205 from I-5 to 10th Street 
  • I-205 from OR 224 to the Glenn Jackson Bridge 
  • I-405 from I-5 to the Fremont Bridge
  • U.S. 26 (Sunset Highway) from Brookwood Parkway to Cornell Road 
  • U.S. 26 (Sunset Highway) from Sylvan to Jefferson Street 

Below are the locations of new centerline rumble strips.
  • ​U.S. 26 (Mt Hood Highway) from Palmquist Road to Hillyard Road (Gresham) 
  • U.S. 26 (Mt Hood Highway) from Ten Eyck Road to Vista Loop Drive (Sandy)
  • U.S. 30 from Logie Trail Road to Lower Rocky Point Road (south of Scappoose) 
  • U.S. 30 (Historic Columbia River Highway) from Hurlburt Road to just west of Corbett High School (Corbett)
  • U.S 30 Bypass (Lombard Street) from 11th Avenue to 60th Avenue (Portland); this location will also get right shoulder rumble strips 
  • U.S. 30 Bypass (Sandy Boulevard) from 141st Avenue to 165th Avenue (Portland) 
  • OR 99E from S. 2nd Avenue to S. Sequoia Parkway (Oregon City/Canby) 
  • OR 99W (Barbur Boulevard) from Hamilton Street to Brier Place (Portland)
  • OR 99W from the Tualatin River Bridge to Sunset Boulevard (Tualatin/Sherwood) 
  • OR 173 (Timberline Highway) from U.S. 26 to Timberline Lodge (Mt Hood)
  • OR 211 from Mathias Road to Schieffer Road (Molalla/Colton) 
  • OR 212 from OR 224 to U.S. 26 (Damascus/Boring) 
  • OR 213 from Beavercreek Road to Monte Carlo Way (Beavercreek) 
  • OR 213 from Union Hall Road to Toliver Road (Molalla) 
  • OR 217 from U.S. 26 to 5th Street (Beaverton)
  • OR 217 from OR 99W to Kruse Way (Tigard/Lake Oswego) 
  • OR 224 from OR 99E to I-205 (Milwaukie) 



Cost and Funding

​$1.1 million


  • Rumble strips are an inexpensive and very effective safety treatment available to reduce the incidence of drivers departing their lanes. 
  • Installing rumble strips in shoulders and centerlines have been shown to reduce fatal crashes by 40%.

Additional Information

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