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OR 47 Nehalem River Bridge Repairs

Construction Phase

Region 2: Willamette Valley and Northwest Oregon (Clatsop)

​​​We are repairing the bridge to extend its life.

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Traffic Impact

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Traffic on the bridge will have intermittent single lane closures, controlled by flaggers through October.

Construction Impacts

During construction, expect noise and delays caused by lane closures.

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The Nehalem River Bridge is a historic bridge on OR 47 and needs to be repaired. Built in 1939, the repairs on the bridge are needed or it will continue to deteriorate and require costly maintenance. 

As part of the project are:

  • Removing the rust that has built up between the steel plates. 

  • Straightening bent steel beams.

  • Replacing rusted rivets and bolts.

  • Repainting the bridge to protect the bridge against the elements and future rust.

During construction expect noise and lane closures, causing short delays. ​


Design: 2019-2021
Construction: estimated to begin in early 2022


OR 47 |

​Milepoint 61.2 - Clatsop County

Cost and Funding

​$1.7 Million

Contacts & Media

Project Area Map

Project Contact

Resident Engineer
Jayson Buchholz

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Last Updated

7/12/2022 7:13 PM

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