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OR 153: Salt Creek (Ash Swale) Bridge

Construction Phase

Region 2: Willamette Valley and Northwest Oregon (Amity)

​​​​​​​This project will replace the Salt Creek Bridge on OR 153 just west of Amity.

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Traffic Impact

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OR 153 is closed at the Salt Creek bridge beginning through September 2023. ​There is a detour route​ in place.

Construction Impacts

Construction activities will be mostly during the day, but may also occur at night. Expect construction noise.

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Meetings and Events

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Enlarged project mapThe Salt Creek Bridge was constructed in 1951 to last 50 years.  Through regular maintenance and repairs we have been able to extend its usefulness, but the wooden structure has deteriorated and rotted to the point where​ the bridge requires replacement to operate in a safe manner. 

In addition, we'll be improving the intersection at SW Lancefield Road making it easier to see traffic on OR 153.​

Map of alternate routes

Inspections of the bridge resulted in the need for weight/load restriction to 9 tons. The weight restrictions applied to vehicles such as medium and large trucks, school buses and large farm equipment. The restriction was effective March 27, 2020 and remained in place until the project to replace the bridge started in June 2022.

Read our poster to learn more about the weight restriction.​


​Design: 2019-2021

Construction: 2022-2023

There will be a full closure of the road during construction to replace the bridge. The bridge is scheduled to reopen September 2023. 


OR 153

Cost and Funding

​$16.2 million

Contacts & Media

Map of Bridge Location

Project Contact

Assistant Resident Engineer
Astrid Potter

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Last Updated

7/12/2022 6:35 PM

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