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OR 34: Van Buren Bridge Project

Design Phase

Region 2: Willamette Valley and Northwest Oregon (Corvallis, Benton, Linn)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This project aims to ensure a safe and earthquake ready bridge over the Willamette River on eastbound OR 34.​​​​

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Project Information:

The existing Van Buren Bridge is considered seismically vulnerable, and will be removed and replaced. The bridge is a bottleneck to travelers and freight as it is narrow, has low clearance, and is currently weight restricted to 12 tons.

The new earthquake ready bridge will be built in the existing location, and will include two eastbound travel lanes, a bike lane, and a protected bicycle and pedestrian path.  There will also be improvements to the intersection of Van Buren Avenue and NW First Street, where a new signal will replace the current flashing yellow pedestrian crossing light. 

To view past events and archived online open houses, please see the Public Involvement and Community Outreach Activities section below. 

Typical Design Process

Typical Design Process

During the three year design process, we are working closely with our regulatory partners, the City of Corvallis, and Benton and Linn Countie​s. This project involves unique navigational, archaeological, and historical elements that impact design and construction of the new bridge.  

You can learn more about where we are at in development of this ​project by clicking the sections below!​​​​ 

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An Environmental Impact Statement was completed to consider an alternate route for traffic to bypass the central business area of Corvallis.

Previous plans to study bridge options were revived.

An Environmental Baseline Report was completed to help determine requirements for the new Van Buren Bridge. A Bridge and Roadway Alternatives Report was also completed to study design options for locating a new Van Buren Bridge.

Design options included a new bridge parallel to the existing bridge, a curved bridge between the old bridge and the Harrison Street Bridge and a bypass north to connect with OR 99W. No funding was available.

An Existing Traffic Conditions Report was completed and focused on conducting additional traffic studies.

The State Legislature’s passage of House Bill 2017 provided more bridge funding and project planning resumed.

What has been done?

Design and Project Development Activities

  • Design firm contracted and project kicked off in early 2019.​
  • Project development team began design, concept development and public engagement.
  • Right of way phase began in late Summer of 2020.
  • Cultural Resource work started in 2019.
  • Permits, applications, drafts and submittals.​ ​

Where we are at now:

The project team is working through permit and submittal requirements needed to move to final design stage.

We have started the process to address the impacts of replacing the existing bridge and as part of the Section 106 process we are seeking ideas from the community on how to best commemorate the existing bridge.

What is next?

Next steps will include finalizing the design and construction plans and activities. There will be outreach prior to construction, so be sure to sign up for project alerts!​

Past outreach and events:

(1983) Environmental Impact Statement - Study to examine an alternate route for traffic, which encompassed Van Buren Street Bridge and resulted in the South Bypass Project in 1995.

(2005) Bridge and Roadway Alternatives Concepts Report – Provides the bridge and roadway alternative concepts for the preliminary alternatives under consideration for the Willamette River (Van Buren Street) Bridge Project.

(2005) Environmental Baseline Report - Identify and characterize resources in the area that may be impacted by the Willamette River (Van Buren Street) Bridge project.

(2009) Corvallis Willamette River Crossing/Van Buren Bridge Proposed Solutions 2009 Traffic Analysis​ – The Corvallis Willamette River Crossing Alternatives Project works to find a solution to congestion in downtown Corvallis near the Van Buren Bridge.

(2019) Analysis of roadway alternatives.

(2019) Bridge Repurposing Study of the Willamette River (Van Buren Street) Bridge.

(2019) Historic Resource Baseline Report.

(2021) Section 106 Final Determinations of Eligibility.​

(2022) Section 106 Findings of Effects (FOE) Documents.​

If you are unable to open a file or need the information in an alternate format please let us know.

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​Project Development: 2019-2022
Construction is estimated to be in 2023
Schedules may change as the project develops.


OR 34 | Van Buren Bridge in Corvallis

Cost and Funding

​$72.6 million for design and construction​.

Access for pedestrians, including those with disabilities, will be available and identified through or around work zones.

Contacts & Media

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Project Contacts

Community Affairs
Region 2 Communications

Public Information Officer
Angela Beers Seydel

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