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Bend North Corridor Project (U.S. 20 and U.S. 97)

Construction Phase

Region 4: Central Oregon (Bend, Deschutes)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Improved connectivity and travel time reliability for all modes along U.S. 20 and U.S. 97


Traffic Impact

As of November 13, the following closures and detour are in place:
  • The left turn onto Clausen Road and Grandview Drive from northbound U.S. 97 is permanently closed to traffic. 
  • Northbound U.S. 97 travelers can access Grandview Drive and Clausen Road by turning:
    • Left onto Cooley Road
    • Right onto Hunnell Road
    • Right onto Loco Road 
    • ​Proceed onto Clausen Road and Grandview Drive

Travelers can expect slight delays on Nels Anderson Road just north of Brandis Court while crews install sewer and water lines. Flaggers will be in place to help direct traffic.

Travelers will encounter single lane nighttime closures on U.S. 97 near Empire Avenue between milepost 135.2 and milepost 135.8 to allow crews to demolish the center median barrier.

Travelers will encounter single lane closures on U.S. 97 between milepost 133.6 and milepost 135.2 to as crew drill holes for new electrical conduit. 

Construction Impacts

Jamison Road will be closed Monday through Friday while crews perform grading operations. 

Northbound traffic on U.S. 97 has been temporarily moved to the newly built U.S. 97 parkway on-ramp at Cooley Road. Vehicles along this route will travel on the newly built U.S. 97 on-ramp and tie back into the existing highway just north of Grandview Avenue. This will remain until all new northbound travel lanes are complete in July and is not expected to affect travel time for commuters.  

The existing northbound U.S. 97 on-ramp at Empire Avenue has been closed and access temporarily moved to the newly built U.S. 97 parkway. Vehicles along this route will travel on the newly built U.S. 97 parkway to Robal lane, where they will reconnect with the existing highway at the stoplight. Travelers should expect congestion and are advised to take a different route when possible.

Travelers may encounter single lane nighttime closures on U.S. 97 from Empire Avenue to Grandview Drive between milepost 133.6 and milepost 135.8 for traffic control maintenance.​


Construction has begun with minimal traffic impact. More significant traffic impacts along U.S. 20 will begin as early as February of 2023, while impacts along U.S. 97 will not begin until later in 2023 and continue throughout the life of the project. All work is scheduled to be fully complete by December 2024.
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U.S. 97 is the main north-south highway through central Oregon, connecting Oregon to California and Washington. U.S. 20 is a primary east-west highway in Oregon. In the Bend area, both highways are primary routes that help people get through town and connect to area shopping, dining, businesses, schools and recreation. Central Oregon's population growth over the last decade has increased traffic congestion and, in turn, reduced safety for motor vehicles, pedestrian and bicyclists.

This project will realign one of the most congested portions of U.S. 97 in Bend and improve a section of U.S. 20. The U.S. 97 Bend North Corridor project includes a realignment of U.S. 97, improved intersections, new ramp connections at critical locations to improve local and highway traffic, and pedestrian and bicycle facilities.
220815 BNC_OverviewMap-01.jpg

This project will improve bicycle and pedestrian safety and connectivity along the U.S. 20 and U.S. 97 highways by building over two miles of multi-use paths, improving or installing over 50 ADA ramps, and building enhanced crossings throughout major crossings in the project area. The project will also be working with Cascade East Transit to build a new transit stop near Target that will support the re-routing of one of their least reliable routes.

These project improvements will provide the following:
• Improve travel time reliability
• Support economic vitality
• Reduce traffic volume and speeds at high conflict locations
• Increase freight mobility
• Aid with congestion


U.S. 97 |

​U.S. 97 and U.S. 20 in north Bend.

Cost and Funding

The purpose of the U.S. 97/U.S. 20 Bend North Corridor project is to implement a long-term solution to maintain a safe, efficient U.S. 97 and U.S. 20 in the north end of Bend. ODOT completed an Environmental Impact Statement in 2014 to help identify the best solution for balancing transportation needs. The original project identified in the original 2014 study was significantly more than any identified funding.
ODOT and Federal Highway Administration worked with local agency partners to explore opportunities to scale down and modify the alternatives to reduce impacts, address public comments, and reduce the overall cost of the project.This effort led to an initial funding source via Oregon House Bill 2017 (Keep Oregon Moving), and was then complimented with a federal INFRA Grant for $60.4 million in 2019. At which time, ODOT Region 4 determined to proceed with the project and identified additional funding via local and 
private sources. 

This resulted in an overall funding for the project of $175 million. 
For more history about the original environmental documentation of the 2014 FEIS, please contact Teresa Brasfield (​


​Kiewit Infrastructure West has been selected as the contractor for this design-build project. 

Technical Project Documents

Access technical files here.​​

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