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South Coast Slides Study

Planning Phase

Region 3: Southwestern Oregon (Brookings, Gold Beach, Port Orford, Curry)

​​​​​​​​​Landslides and road failures are common along the southern Oregon coast between Port Orford and Brookings. This study will develop a plan for transportation resiliency along U.S. 101 in this area.


Meetings and Events

ODOT hosted an Online Open House​ from July 26 to August 12, 2022. The Open House offered information about the South Coast Slides Study and provided an opportunity for visitors to submit comments.

Results of study

The ​South Coast Slides Study has been completed and is available for download. It is more than 800 pages in length and includes an Executive Summary and nine appendices. Please contact ODOT Principal Planner Lisa Cornutt​ or call 541-957-3643 if you have any questions.
  • Executive Summary: South Coast Slides Study
  • Appendix A: Landslide Prospectus Sheets
  • Appendix B: Technical Memo #1, Project Purpose and Need Statement
  • Appendix C: Technical Memo #2, Inventory
  • Appendix D: Technical Memo #3, South Coast Site Reconnaissance Report
  • Appendix E: Technical Memo #4, Slide Area Alternative Analysis and Mitigation Concepts
  • Appendix F: Technical Memo #5, Roadway Conceptual Alternatives
  • Appendix G: Online Open House Summary
  • Appendix H: Stakeholder Interview Summary
  • Appendix I: U.S. 101 Traffic Control and Communications Plan


​Draft Plan to be completed by April 2023.

Final Plan to be completed by June 2023.



​The purpose of the South Coast Slide Study project is to develop a plan for transportation resiliency along U.S. 101, between Port Orford and Brookings. 

Landslides and road failures along this segment have been an ongoing problem for decades. These events result in full or partial closures of travel lanes and require days or even weeks of maintenance work to be able to fully reopen to passenger car and heavy vehicle travel. 

As a result, these landslide and road movement incidents have a significant cost to Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), disrupt the local and regional economies, strain emergency services, and reduce the mobility of communities to reach critical services. ​

This study will identify technically feasible and cost-effective projects and management strategies that will:  

  • Increase landslide recurrence intervals.
  • Reduce recovery times after events.
  • Improve safety and operations along U.S. 101, Carpenterville Road, and other viable detour routes.
  • Identify effective short-term solutions to facilitate passenger, emergency, and freight vehicle travel through the area after an incident.
  • Reduce ODOT operations and maintenance costs.
  • Reduce socio-economic costs to impacted communities.

​Lastly, this study will fill the need for a single easily accessible location to document data related to the study landslides. Data, studies, and previously reviewed alternatives are currently stored in many locations and in a mixture of formats. This project will consolidate and summarize known data sources and documents to better serve the region and respond to public inquiries.


U.S. 101 |

​U.S. 101 from Port Orford to Brookings

Cost and Funding

​Planning Study:  $396,556


​Kittelson & Associates​

Contacts & Media

Project Contacts

Principal Planner
Lisa Cornutt

Public Information Officer
Dan Latham

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11/28/2023 10:47 AM

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Project Documents

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R3-SlideStudy_App-F-2023.pdfAppendix F: Technical Memo 5, Roadway Conceptual Concepts
R3-SlideStudy_App-G-2023.pdfAppendix G: Online Open House Summary
R3-SlideStudy_App-H-2023.pdfAppendix H: Stakeholder Interview Summary
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