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Umatilla and Morrow County Curb Ramp Upgrades

Design Phase

Region 5: Eastern Oregon (Athena, Helix, Heppner, Ione, Lexington, Milton-Freewater, Pilot Rock, Ukiah, Morrow, Umatilla)

​​​​​​​​​​Upgrade curb ramps in five Umatilla cities and three Morrow cities to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.​


Traffic Impact

​None at this time. Construction is anticipated to start summer 2022.

Construction Impacts

​Access for pedestrians, including those with disabilities, will be available and identified through or around work zones. More details will be provided when we get closer to construction.

Meetings and Events

We held an online open house June 4-18, 2021. The information presented in the open house remains available for review at the following link.​

Archive - Eastern Oregon ADA projects online open house.​


​Project bids spring of 2022.

Construction summer 2022.

Completion by end of October 2022.



We will upgrade approximately 358 curb ramps in Umatilla and Morrow counties to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.

Umatilla County
  • Pilot Rock​: U.S. 395 (Pendleton-John Day Highway) from mileposts 15.02, at NE Fourth Street, to 16.00, at SW Cedar Street.
  • Ukiah​: OR 244 (Ukiah-Hilgard Highway) from mileposts 1.24, at Camas Street, to 1.29, at Alba Street.​
Morrow County
  • Heppner​​: OR 74/OR 207 (Heppner Highway) from mileposts 45.38, at Hinton Street, to 46.48, at Barratt Boulevard.
  • Lexington​: OR 74/OR 207 (Heppner Highway) from mileposts 36.60, at C Street, to 36.73, at A Street.
  • Ione​: OR 74/OR 207 Heppner Highway) from mileposts 28.34, at Ella Road, to 28.75, at Emert Road.
Rapid Flashing Beacon - crosswalks
These beacons improve crossing safety by directing drivers’ attention to pedestrians.​ We will be installing rapid flashing beacons at the following locations.
  • Heppner:
    • ​OR 74 and Baltimore Street.
    • OR 74 and Nortwest Quaid Street.
  • Milton-Freewater:
    • ​OR 11 and South Fourth Avenue.
    • OR 11 and South Eighth Avenue​.
  • Pilot Rock:
    • ​U.S. 395 and McGowan Drive.

Image of rapid flashing beacon.


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​For approximate curb ramp upgrade locations, click the link on each city listed above.​

Cost and Funding

​$8.6 million.

Contacts & Media

Project Contacts

R5 Resident Engineer - Consultant Projects
Bryan Strasser

Public Information Officer - ODOT Region 5
Tom Strandberg
541-963-1330, cell 541-663-6261

Last Updated

1/6/2022 1:49 PM

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