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Pendleton Intersection Improvements

Design Phase

Region 5: Eastern Oregon (Pendleton, Umatilla)

​​​​​Intersection improvement project to remove traffic signals and replace with two-way stop traffic control.​


Meetings and Events

We held an online open house from March 4 through June 4, 2024. The information presented in the open house remains available for viewing at the following link.​


Project design 2023-2025.
Project is expected to bid June 2025, with construction in 2025-2026.



​We are designing an intersection improvement project for:

  • SW Court Avenue and SW First Street.
  • ​SW Dorion Avenue and SW 10th Street.

The signals at these two intersections in Pendleton are outside their existing lifespan. The intersection traffic conditions have changed since the original installation of the signals, and from a traffic volume and safety perspective, they are no longer needed. 

As part of our design process, we will:
  • Cover the existing traffic signals and install two-way traffic control.
  • Monitor traffic for 90 days in this new configuration.
  • Seek public comments.
During the 90-day monitoring, travelers at these intersections will experience the following: 
  • ​SW Court Avenue and SW 1st Street: Traffic on Court Avenue will no longer be required to stop, while traffic on First Street will stop before crossing or turning onto Court.
  • SW Dorion Avenue and SW 10th Street: Traffic on Dorion Avenue will no longer be required to stop. Drivers travelling north or south on 10th Street will stop before crossing or turning onto Dorion.
After the 90-day monitoring, we will evaluate data and compile public comments. We will use this information to finalize design.

Our plan is to remove the signals and keep these two intersections in this two-way stop pattern after the monitoring and comment period. We need to evaluate how this new pattern works and make sure it’s safe. We will determine if other changes to the intersections are needed.


U.S. 30 |
  • ​SW Dorion Avenue, eastbound, milepost 2.91.
  • SW Court Avenue, westbound, milepost 3.32.

Cost and Funding

​The current project estimate is $800,000 through preliminary engineering, right of way and utility relocation.


We have selected these signals for removal because they are no longer needed. By removing them we will:
  • Reduce delay for travelers on Dorion and Court avenues.
  • Reduce signal related crashes.
  • Reduce the need for continued maintenance.
  • ​Eliminate future maintenance costs. Cost savings will help fund improvements at other, busier signal locations in downtown Pendleton.

What Problem Will This Improve?

Traffic signals are sometimes thought to be a solution for all traffic problems at intersections. While they have their place, we need to look at the justification for installing new or keeping current signals. 
These signals were first installed in 1960/1961 prior to construction of the interstate in 1967. Traffic patterns and volumes have changed since then. Traffic operations and crash history at these two intersections show they are no longer needed.

Keeping the signals at these intersections may lead to:
  • Excessive delays. 
  • An increase in the number of drivers failing to follow the signal.
  • Significant increases in the frequency of certain types of collisions, especially rear-end collisions.
  • ​Increased use of alternate routes as drivers attempt to avoid the traffic signals.

Additional Information

​Thank you for your comments on our Pendleton Intersection Improvements project.

After 30 days of monitoring the interim traffic control on SW Dorion Avenue and SW Court Avenue, we are making adjustments.

What you can expect
Flashing yellow signals
To reduce confusion at both intersections, we will turn on the flashing yellow function. If you are driving east on Dorion Avenue or west on Court Avenue, please follow these guidelines:
  • ​Approach each intersection at a safe speed.
  • Do not stop unless there is someone in the crosswalk.
  • Be aware of pedestrians and stop for them when necessary.
  • Turn safely when needed.
By following these rules drivers on SW 10th Street and SW 1st Street will have ample opportunities to cross the intersection or make a turn.

Temporary traffic markers
We will install temporary traffic markers at both intersections to act as curb extensions, similar to those found at other intersections in town (U.S. 395 and Southgate Place). These features will help side street traffic feel more comfortable pulling forward after stopping, which will enhance visibility when approaching Court and Dorion avenues from either the south or the north.

Why are we making these changes now?
The monitoring process is dynamic and requires adjustments based on traffic flow patterns. Based on observations we need to address vehicle traffic that may be stopping unnecessarily at the signal while the signal is turned off.

What’s next?
We have taken note of your feedback and are proceeding towards the next phase of the project. The online open house will remain open for the 90-day monitoring period while we continue to collect data and compile your comments. We intend to hold an in-person open house in summer 2024 to present our findings.

Read more about these adjustments in the attached project update.​

Contacts & Media

Aerial view of Pendleton showing project locations.

Project Contacts

Region 5 Transportation Project Manager
Grant Matlock

Region 5 Community Affairs Specialist
Vicki L Moles

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