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Cottage Grove Urban Design Verification Study

Planning Phase

Region 2: Willamette Valley and Northwest Oregon (Cottage Grove, Lane)

​​​​We're studying the area, looking at potential pedestrian and bicycle improvements.​

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enlarged project map iconWe’re studying a segment of OR 99 south of Main Street in Cottage Grove. This effort is known as an “urban design verification” (UDV) study. The study focuses on finding ways to make the road safer and easier to travel on for everyone, including people walking, rolling, driving and biking. 

We'll look at how the road is used now and what it might be like in the future. Then we'll come up with ideas to change the road, like making more space for turning or adding spaces for bikes. We'll also find where we can make crosswalks safer for people with things like signs, lights and new sidewalks. If we make these changes, it will make the road safer and more enjoyable for everyone who uses it.​

Why is this study happening now?

We're studying this section of OR 99 to see how it can be improved before any future maintenance or other projects are planned. With this study, we will look for funding to include the improvements along with other necessary work to make best use of our limited resources.​ 

For example, we have a project to upgrade the curb ramps along this stretch to meet current ADA standards. Upon completing this work, we might also be able to improve other things like places where people cross the road. We need to figure out what improvements we want to make now as part of this study so we can easily do them later when the opportunity comes up.

Curious why we’re focusing on this section of OR 99?

We picked this area for the study because with parks, schools and neighborhoods nearby there is a lot of pedestrian and bicyclist traffic. The roads are wide and can be hard to cross. We also already have projects planned nearby and there are possible grant opportunities available that could help us secure funding for future projects.​

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Upcoming Meetings and Events

We plan to share some of our ideas for improvements in early 2024 through an online open house and an in-person event that will include Spanish-language services. 

You're an important part of our process, we want to hear what you think to make sure we're coming up with the right ideas for your neighborhood. Sign up to receive email alerts about this study and other work we're doing in Cottage Grove. 

Past Meetings and Events

online open house iconCheck out our archived online open house live March 25 – April 15:

  • Find out why we're doing this work.

  • Check out the locations we're looking at.

  • Learn how you can be involved.


We expect to complete the study by the spring of 2024.​


OR 99 |

​Between E Main Street and S Fourth Street, milepost 14.8-15.4

Cost and Funding

​Planning: $89,917​

We're currently not funded for design or construction.

Pedestrians, including those with disabilities, will have access through or around the work zone.​

Contacts & Media

study area map highlighting OR 99 from Main Street to S 4th Street in Cottage Grove

Project Contacts

Region 2, Active Transportation Liaison
Jenna Berman

Public Information Officer
Mindy McCartt

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4/17/2024 2:32 PM

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