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OR 207: West Park Elementary (Hermiston) Pedestrian Safety Improvements

Project Completed

Region 5: Eastern Oregon (Hermiston, Umatilla)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This project will improve access and increase safety for people walking along or trying to cross OR207 (SW 11th Avenue).​​


Traffic Impact

No impacts to traffic.

Meetings and Events

We held an in-person open house on June 28, at the West Park Elementary School in Hermiston.

We also held an online open house June 20-30, 2022. The information presented in the open house remains available for review at the following link.​


The contractor has completed all work on the project.



Enlarged project map.The section of OR 207, between West Orchard Avenue and West Highland Avenue, includes a mix of businesses and residences. It is a busy area for pedestrians and vehicles. Children who live on the west side of OR 207 use must travel along this busy road to get to West Park Elementary School and Hermiston High School. This project will improve safety for all pedestrians who travel along the highway. 


A section along the west side of OR 207 does not have a sidewalk and provides only a one foot paved shoulder. Existing sidewalk stops abruptly on both the north and south ends. Pedestrians are forced to make a decision - continue walking along the highway on a narrow, paved shoulder, or cross the highway to reach safe sidewalks on the east side of the road.

An existing sidewalk to the west ends abruptly at the section with no sidewalk. This poses another problem, leaving pedestrians without a safe crossing. 

The lack of safe access has resulted in two recent pedestrian fatalities at or near the project site.


This project includes the following safety elements.
  • ​Build new sidewalk, widen shoulder and install a bicycle lane on the west side of OR207, between West Orchard Avenue and West Highland Avenue.
  • Install an enhanced crosswalk near the Buttercreek Apartments, with the following components. 
    • New flashing beacon. Rectangular rapid flashing beacons, or RRFBs, use flashing yellow lights to alert drivers that someone is crossing the street. Pedestrians who want to cross the highway will be able to activate the beacons with the press of a button. These flashing lights will help alert drivers that a pedestrian is crossing the street. When not in use, the flashing beacons will be dark.
    • Crosswalk signs.
    • Marked continental crosswalk.
    • ADA compliant curb ramps. Installing ADA curb ramps will meet new design standards and provide better access for people who rely on them.
    • New lighting. Adding lights at the crossing can reduce nighttime crashes due to better visibility.


OR 207 |

​between West Orchard Avenue and West Highland Avenue.

Cost and Funding

​$1,262,519. This project is funded through the Safe Routes to School (SRTS)​ and Rapid Response Grant programs.

Additional Information

​​What to view this information in Spanish? See below in Project Documents.

Contacts & Media

Location of enhanced crosswalk.

Project Contact

Region 5 Community Affairs Specialist
Vicki L Moles

Last Updated

10/27/2023 7:52 AM

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Project Documents

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