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I-5 Exit 30 Interchange Area Management Plan (IAMP)

Planning Phase

Region 3: Southwestern Oregon (Medford, Jackson)

​​​​​​​​​This planning effort will create an Interchange Area Management Plan (IAMP) for the north Medford interchange (Exit 30). The plan will evaluate how the existing interchange operates and what measures will be placed on it in the future.


Meetings and Events

The Final IAMP and Appendix are in (see below). The Final IAMP will be included into a future Oregon 62 Corridor Plan.

The IAMP has been through three online open houses. 


Final IAMP and Appendix (September 2021) are attached below

Background and Existing Conditions (April 2020)
Future No-Build and Future Full-Build Conditions (August 2020)
Project Sheets and Draft IAMP (June 2021)



Exit 30 Project Map.jpg


I-5 | ​Interstate 5: north Medford Interchange (Exit 30)

Cost and Funding

​Currently, there are no design or construction funds programmed for this project.


​Kitt​tleson & Associates


​Reduce congestion and increase safety by examining future potential improvements

What Problem Will This Improve?

​​The intent is to increase safety and reduce congestion at and near the interchange.

Additional Information

Contacts & Media

Image Gallery

Project Contacts

ODOT Senior Planner
Virginia Elandt

Public Information Officer
Gary Leaming

Last Updated

9/20/2021 12:38 PM

Project Number


Project Documents

Related documents to this project
Exit 30 IAMP Project Schedule.pdfProject schedule for the I-5 Exit 30 IAMP
Exit 30 Project Map.jpg
I-5Exit30_LookingSouth.jpgPhoto- I-5 Exit 30 Aerial Looking South
IAMP 30 Split Diamond Design.pdfIAMP 30 Split Diamond Alternative from the OR 62: I-5 to Dutton Road Final Environmental Impact Statement
Draft Project Sheets.pdfDraft Project Sheets - Uploaded Feb. 2, 2021
Final TM_2 Appendix_Environmental Constraints.pdfFinal TechMemo_2_Environmental Constraints
Final TM_2 Appendix_Transportation Inventory.pdfFinal Tech Memo 2 Transportation Inventory
Final TM1_Appendix.pdfFinal Tech Memo _1_Appendix
Final TM2 Appendix_Land Use Population Demographics Inventory.pdfFinal Tech Memo 2_Land Use Population Demographics Inventory
Final TM2 Appendix_Traffic Operations Analysis.pdfFinal Tech Memo 2_ Appendix Traffic Operations Analysis
Final TM2_Existing Deficiencies.pdfFinal Tech Memo 2_ Existing Deficiencies
Final TM3_Methodology Memo.pdfFinal Tech Memo 3 Methodology Memo
Final TM4_Future No-Build Conditions.pdfFinal Tech Memo 4_ Future No-Build Conditions
Final TM4_Future No-Build Conditions_Supplement.pdfFinal Tech Memo 4_ Future No-Build Conditions_Supplement
Final TM5_Future Build Conditions.pdfFinal Tech Memo 5_ Future Build Conditions
Revised Project Sheets_4_29_2021.pdfRevised Project Sheets_4_29_2021
I-5 Exit 30 Final IAMP_Appendix.pdfAppendix for the final IAMP Exit 30

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