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Region 2 Signal Enhancements

Design Phase

Region 2: Willamette Valley and Northwest Oregon (Various Cities)

​​​​​Safety Improvement project to install new equipment and technology to help reduce the number of intersection crashes.

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Open House IconThe purpose of this project is to reduce fatal and serious intersection crashes. This will be done by upgrading the equipment and using a combination of technology and visual enhancements. This will be done in 12 cities across Northwest Region 2.

At the identified intersections, we will:
  • Replace signal heads where needed.
  • Install reflective back plates behind the signal heads. This will draw drivers eyes to the signal and increase their awareness and response to the traffic control device.
  • Install advanced dilemma zone protection. This will enhance safety by adjusting the traffic control signal timing to reduce the number of drivers that may have difficulty deciding whether to stop or proceed during a yellow phase.
  • Install video, thermal or radar detection at the intersections. This will adjust the timing of the signal from turning red while there are still cars in the intersection.
  • Install new or modified lane use signs to help drivers navigate which lanes to use when approaching the intersection.
  • Install new supplemental traffic signal heads –these are added to lights that do not currently have the lights with an arrow indicating it is okay to turn. These extra signal heads will mean drivers who want to turn and cross traffic at an intersection won't have to yield to oncoming traffic, they can turn at the prompt of a dedicated turn signal.​

Salem (Project# 20187):

We will be improving 25 intersections​ along OR 99E and OR 22 through the city of Salem.

Budget: $914,800

Project Manager: Bill Ness

​Astoria, Clatskanie, Columbia City, Rainier, St. Helens, Scappoose (Project# 20136):

We will be improving 6 intersections in Scappoose, 5 in St Helens, 1 in Columbia City, 2 in Clatskanie, 1 in Rainier, and 5 in Astoria.

Budget: $1 million

Project Manager: Bill Ness​

Newberg, Dundee, McMinnville (Project# 20130):

We will be improving 12 intersections in McMinnville, 13 in Newberg, and 1 in Dundee.

Budget: $1.1 million​

Project Manager: Bill Ness​

​Albany, Corvallis (Project# 20221)

We will be improving 30 intersections in Albany and 20 in Corvallis.

Budget: $4.8 million

Project Manager: Ian Roholt​


​Design  2020-2021
Construction 2021-2022


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Various cities in Region 2

Cost and Funding

Varies per project

Access for pedestrians, including those with disabilities, will be available and identified through or around work zones.

Contacts & Media

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Project Contact

Public Information Officer
Lou Torres

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5/6/2021 10:29 PM

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