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I-5 Boone Bridge and Seismic Improvement Project

Planning Phase

Region 1: Portland metro and Hood River County (Wilsonville, Clackamas)

​​​​​​​The purpose of this study is to determine the best approach for addressing congestion, safety and the seismic resiliency of Interstate 5 in the vicinity of the Boone Bridge.



At the direction of the 2019 Oregon Legislature, ODOT conducted a study to determine the best approach for addressing congestion, safety and the seismic resiliency of Interstate 5 in the vicinity of the Boone Bridge. This study includes some alternatives analysis to resolve the question of structural retrofit versus structure replacement and identifies necessary next steps, an estimated cost range and potential delivery schedule. The study focuses on I-5 between the Wilsonville Road and OR 551 interchanges, including the Boone Bridge crossing of the Willamette River south of Portland and north of Salem within Clackamas County.

Technical Report and Supporting Documents

Study findings are summarized in the 
executive summary report (also in project documents below)
 submitted to the Oregon Legislature in January 2021.

A detailed description of study methodology and findings is available in the I-5 Boone Bridge and Seismic Improvement Project technical report (also in project documents below).

Lastly, ODOT studied the potential travel demand and land use impacts of I-5 improvements in the vicinity of the Boone Bridge. See this summary of study findings and response to requests for further analysis​ related to travel demand, land use, access management and active traffic management (also found in project documents below).

Project Area Map

Area map showing future and proposed improvements around the Boone Bridge area of I-5 south of Wilsonville

Elements of this project were identified in the 2018 I-5 Wilsonville Facility Plan, which was a partnership between ODOT and the City of Wilsonville to identify and evaluate options for improving traffic flow and reducing congestion around the Boone Bridge.​


I-5 |

​I​-5 at the Boone Bridge in Wilsonville area.

Cost and Funding

This study was funded with $300,000 in federal funds.

Additional Information

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Contacts & Media

Project Contact

Principal Planner
Scott Turnoy

Last Updated

1/22/2021 3:51 PM

Project Number


Project Documents

Related documents to this project
BooneBridge_ExecutiveSummaryReport_small.pdfExecutive summary report to the Oregon State Legislature, January 2021.
Boone_Bridge_Study_Technical_Report.pdfTechnical report from Quincy Engineering, Inc. on the I-5 Boone Bridge and Seismic Improvement Project, December 2020.
Appendix A Vicinity Map.pdfAppendix A: Vicinity map of the Boone Bridge area of I-5.
Appendix B Photos.pdfAppendix B: Photos of the technical report.
Appendix C Bridge Inspection Report.pdfAppendix C: I-5 Boone Bridge inspection report.
Appendix D Final Preliminary Geotechnical Engineering Letter Report.pdfAppendix D: Final preliminary geotechnical engineering letter report for the I-5 Boone Bridge and Seismic Improvement project.
Appendix E Bridge Retrofit and Widening Concept Plans.pdfAppendix E: Concept plans for a Boone Bridge widening and seismic retrofit process.
Appendix F Bridge Replacement Concept Plans.pdfAppendix F: Concept plans for a Boone Bridge replacement.
Appendix G Road Concept Plans.pdfAppendix G: Road concept plans.
Appendix H Traffic Staging Concept.pdfAppendix H: Traffic staging concept for a Boone Bridge replacement.
Appendix I Work-Bridges_both options.pdfAppendix I: Drawings of both options for work bridges that could be used during a Boone Bridge replacement.
Appendix J Project Prospectus.pdfAppendix J: ODOT Environmental Project Prospectus for both the retrofit and widening option and the replacement option for the Boone Bridge.
Appendix K NSBA Conceptual Solution Report.pdfAppendix K: National Steel Bridge Association (NSBA) conceptual solution report for the Boone Bridge, July 2020.
Summary Response to Metro Requests_01072020.pdfODOT summary response to Metro requests for further analysis on travel demand and land use impacts, managed lanes, active traffic management and access management, December 2020.