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Property Sales Program

Through the course of developing and managing Oregon's transportation infrastructure, the Oregon Department of Transportation acquires properties that may later be deemed no longer necessary and could be made available for sale.

In accordance with associated laws and policies, ODOT ensures the greatest return to the Highway Trust Fund by selling or exchanging surplus properties, or leasing and renting properties not currently needed for ODOT operations.

Property Types

Property owned by ODOT falls into one of two categories: Project-related and non-project related.

Project-related properties are part of highway construction or improvement projects.

Information about this type of property is available through the regional right of way offices located in Salem, Portland, Roseburg, Bend and La Grande.

Properties which are not related to project work can be split into two categories: Operating and excess properties.

Operating properties include those that make up completed highway construction or improvement projects, such as roadways or airports. Active sites, such as stockpile locations or quarries, and administrative or maintenance offices.

Excess property, also referred to as non-operating property, includes those sites which are no longer needed by the department. ODOT must declare excess property as surplus before it can be sold.

Sale Types

Surplus property owned by ODOT is generally sold in two ways: Auction sales and direct sales.

​Most surplus property is sold through oral or sealed bid auctions.

View properties currently available for sale​.​

​In certain cases, surplus property may be sold directly to a purchaser without an auction. This occurs when:

It is required by law.

Property purchased by the state after 1973 by way of "condemnation proceedings" must be used within 10 years of purchase. If not, the property must first be offered to the owner from which it was purchased.

The direct purchase price will be the original purchase price plus 7 percent simple interest per year of ODOT ownership.

Other government agencies have priority acquisition rights.

State law grants federal, state, county and city governments priority for sale to the public. ODOT must consider purchase offers from government agencies at fair market prices.

No bids were received at an auction.

If no bids were received at an auction, the property may be sold direct. The direct sale must occur within one year of the auction.

The purchaser is an adjoining land owner.

Direct sales may be made to an adjoining land owner if:

  • The property has a market value of less than $5,000.
  • One only adjoining land owner can or is willing to purchase the property.
  • The property cannot be recognized as a visible, legal and independent site.

Purchase Process

​The minimum acceptable price of the property is based on appraisal. Property appraisals are reviewed and approved by the state right of way manager. In some cases, properties may require a survey as well as an appraisal.

ODOT surplus property must first be offered to other state and local government agencies, prior to a public auction.​​​​​

Property may be offered for lease or rent, based on results of a market rent study.

​For those properties requiring a bid form, interested parties should review all supplemental materials included in the listing. Offers should be returned to the property age​nt identified in the listing.

​In some cases, ODOT will opt to use a third-party agent to list a property. In these instances, interested parties should work through their agent to complete the bid offer process. ​​

Interested in a property not currently listed?

​Obtain a quarter-section map.

Maps are available through a title insurance company or from the local county courthouse. The map should clearly indicate the parcel of interest.

Obtain a copy of the vesting deed.

If the property is state-owned, the deed will show ownership by ODOT or other state agency.

​​Based on your property-specific research, contact the agency listed as the property owner.

​​​The property is owned by a state agency other than ODOT.

If the vesting deed shows ownership by a state agency, other than ODOT, send a written request explaining your interest in the property, along with the corresponding map and deed to:

​​Attn. Darrin Br​ightman​
Real Property Estate Services, Enterprise Asset ​Management
Department of Administrative Services​
1225 Ferry Street SE | Salem, Oregon 97310
Phone: 503-373-7065 | Fax: 503-373-7210

The property is owned by ODOT.

​​If the vesting deed shows ownership by ODOT, complete the application to use or purchase real property​. Send the completed forms and corresponding map and deed via mail or email to:​

​Statewide Property Management Unit
Department of Transportation
4040 Fairview Industrial Drive SE, MS 2 | Salem, Oregon 97302
Phone: 503-986-3600 | Fax: 503-986-3625
Email the Property Management Team​


Contact the Right of Way Section

4040 Fairview Industrial Drive, MS 2
Salem, Oregon 97302
Phone: 503-986-3600
Fax: 503-986-3625

Property Inquiries

For all property inquiries, you may either contact the agent noted on the listing or email the Property Management Team.

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