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About ODVA

We are Oregon veterans and families

An organization often reflects the salient beliefs and characteristics of its leadership and, more importantly, its employees. In our case, we are the very community we serve.

As a state agency, our employees are some of the most passionate and dedicated people working toward a very noble mission, day in and day out. From our front line Statewide Veteran Services Division to operational services that support day to day business, our teams work together to deliver on a promise made more than 70 years ago.

In order to deliver on an incredibly broad mission, we focus not on creating new programs, but rather, aligning and partnering around a shared vision and coordination of existing resources.

ODVA unites government, private companies, nonprofits and other veteran service organizations to address issues facing veterans and their families. We are building support around specific issues that affect veterans. And, we maintain strong relationships with key partners that allow us to continue to be a leading voice and advocate for veterans.

Strategic Goals and Long-term Strategies

In 2015, our team embarked on a comprehensive review of the agency to examine its mission, and evaluate and prioritize its programs. Today, we continue this work and are focused on strengthening the delivery of veteran benefits and outreach. We will continue to partner with other service providers to reimagine how government can deliver services and reach more veterans through methods that are impactful and sustainable. While much work remains to be done, we are already seeing the fruits of our strategic efforts.


Veterans and their families thrive in Oregon


To serve and honor veterans through our leadership, advocacy and strong partnerships


Respect, Integrity, Stewardship and Excellence


Agency 2014 - 2019 Strategic Goals

ODVA's five-year goals, objectives and strategies include:

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