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Intake is the point of entry for the Oregon Centralized Application (ORCA) process and is open continuously. 

Applicants will fill out a brief, web-based intake form during the early stages of a project. This form includes a general overview of the project vision and the partners involved, a preliminary site assessment, and early project-specific questions such as the proposed number and configuration of units, population served, an initial estimate of resource needs and timing, and predevelopment funding needs and eligibility.

All projects are required begin at Intake regardless of how ready they are to meet financial closing. This helps OHCS provide projects with early support, build our pipeline of affordable housing projects, and forecast funding requests.

Applicants should submit an Intake Form should as early as the initial concept stage of a project, typically 2-5 years before applying for funding. The form is intended for organizations that are seriously considering a project and may have already incurred some due diligence expenditures. Applicants can fill out an Intake Form at any time whenever they are ready and may be matched with a OHCS Technical Advisor to help them navigate the funding process.

Fill out the Intake FormPreview the Intake Form questions (PDF)

The Intake Form asks about the following topics. Your answers will help determine if the project is ready to move to the impact assessment step. This form will also help match projects with technical assistance as needed, including guidance from specific funding program managers. There is not a limit to the amount of Intake Forms applicants can submit. However, applicants can only have two projects in each step of the ORCA at one time. The intake form will ask questions on:

Applicant details

This section will collect contact information and ask if applicants anticipate needing technical assistance from OHCS.

Project concept

This section will ask for a brief description, construction type, location, target population, unit mix, and affordability levels. It will also ask about early strategies for zoning, infrastructure, and permits.

Financial strategy

This section will ask about potential funding sources, early budget estimates, investor relationships, and estimated construction and closing dates. It will also ask whether the applicant intends to use Project-Based Vouchers or involve Permanent Supportive Housing. This financial information is intended to be preliminary.

Identified partners

This section will ask if the applicant has identified various members of their development team.


This is where sponsors can ask for additional support for projects. This support is only available for nonprofits, public housing authorities, and Tribal Nations. OHCS’s Predevelopment Loan Program offers two loan products:

  • The Feasibility Loan is available for projects sponsored by culturally specific organizations and/or small, rural developers. It can be used for specific costs that determine early project feasibility, including property survey, environmental reports, environmental review, appraisals, market studies, and/or site control expenses.
  • The Predevelopment Loan is available for projects sponsored by nonprofit organizations, Tribal entities, and Public Housing Authorities. Eligible uses for this funding include items directly associated with moving the project toward OHCS’ readiness standards and accessing a final commitment of funding.


The General Housing Account Program’s Capacity Building (GHAP CB) funds support the growth and development of nonprofit housing developers, local housing authorities, and Tribal housing entities, and local governments in meeting our shared goals in affordable multi-family rental housing development and operations.

Capacity building grants are available for organizations looking to expand their capacity for building affordable housing as well as organizations working on innovative capacity-building projects with regional impact.

Prequalification Acknowledgement

All projects must go through the prequalification pathway, which evaluates developer and partner entities' experience, good standing, finances, and other criteria. Prequalifying applicants will help streamline the funding process to ensure that teams will likely succeed.

Prequalification will occur through a web-based registry that applicants will update annually.

At this step, applicants must affirm they are aware of this requirement. If they haven’t already, applicants must complete their prequalification at the impact assessment step.

Learn more about prequalification

Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) rent assistance

This is for applicants that have already received capital funding resources from OHCS, have completed the PSH Institute, and are seeking to add PSH Rent Assistance and Services funding to their project. Applicants eligible for PSH rent assistance will work with the PSH Program Manager to apply for these resources.

What happens next

Applicants should hear from OHCS within 14 days after submitting an intake form. If an applicant does not hear back or needs to make any changes to their Intake Form, please email Applicants will be set up with a WorkCenter in a software called Procorem. Getting a WorkCenter does not mean the project will get funded, nor is a commitment of funding. It is just the start of the process that could lead to funding.