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How to apply for funding through ORCA

The Oregon Centralized Application (ORCA) begins with Intake where applicants share early ideas about their projects, and then applicants move through Impact Assessment, Financial Eligibility, Commitment steps at their own pace, within certain reasonability timelines. Funds will be reserved and then allocated on a first-ready, first-reviewed basis so that the projects that are most ready to proceed are funded in a timely manner.

There are evaluation standards at each step. Once a project meets these evaluation standards, it can move on to the next step of the process. OHCS will work with each applicant and project team to meet evaluation standards. An entity may not have more than two projects in any one step. However, if you are a developer consultant, there is no limit on the number of projects can entity can be attached to as a consultant. Once a project reaches closing and enters construction, it is no longer in the ORCA process. 


Intake is point of entry of the Oregon Centralized Application. All projects are required begin at Intake regardless of how ready they are to meet financial closing. This helps OHCS provide projects with early support, build our pipeline of affordable housing projects, and forecast funding requests.

Applicants will fill out a brief, web-based intake form. This form includes a general overview of the project vision and the partners involved, a preliminary site assessment, and early project-specific questions such as the proposed number and configuration of units, population served, an initial estimate of resource needs and timing, and pre-development funding needs and eligibility.

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Impact Assessment

The Impact Assessment step provides OHCS with key information about the project to review alignment with policy priorities. This is where the project begins to take shape and should be submitted no more than one to two years before anticipated closing. Applicants will be asked to provide more information on project concept, submit an initial proforma, and identify project partners.

This step secures a Letter of Intent from OHCS, which offers a conditional hold of resources, allows OHCS to ensure the project meets determined benchmarks, and prepares the project for Financial Eligibility and Commitment steps.

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Financial Eligibility

The Financial Eligibility step focuses on the financial aspects of the project, requiring applicants to submit lender letters of intent, well-developed construction cost estimates, and a full preliminary proforma.

OHCS will evaluate progress on the project design and policy priorities proposed in the Impact Assessment step. This step offers a conditional commitment of resources to projects that successfully move forward.

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The Commitment step requires applicants to submit final architectural plans, a final proforma, final cost estimates, permit approval, and secured investor commitments.

This step results in a Reservation Letter for projects that are be ready to proceed within 6 months of project award. The Commitment step should be initiated no more than 9 months before closing.

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