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Training & Education

Law Orientation & Alcohol Server Education

Most applicants for an OLCC liquor license will have some or all of the following requirements: 

  • Read the Law Orientation Materials and then submit to the OLCC either an Affirmation or Acknowledgement that the materials were read.
  • Take and pass an Alcohol Server Education course. 

A completed Alcohol Server Education course can be used to meet the requirement for a liquor license, the requirement for a service permit, or both.  The following chart addresses only the requirement for a liquor license.  If you are applying as a legal entity (like a corporation or limited liability company) you will need to name a person (called the server education designee) who will take and pass the course for the legal entity.  The server education designee must be a person with the authority to set, implement or change the licensee's practices for selling and serving alcoholic beverages (this is usually one of the owners of the business, but it can be a manager).

Find an Alcohol Server Education Course

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