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Privilege Tax

Oregon assesses a tax on the privilege of making malt beverages, wine, or cider in Oregon; or shipping or importing malt beverages, wine, or cider into Oregon. This is called a privilege tax. See Oregon Revised Statute 473.

Oregon Privilege Tax Online

All privilege tax statements, and payments, are done via an online portal known as Oregon Privilege Tax Online (OPTO). This enables businesses to create an account that associates all their reportable licenses, designate and update filer information, file all privilege tax information including destruction claims, submit required documentation, and remit payments electronically.  

OPTO Resources

The OPTO Resource web page ( has a wealth of information and tools including: training sessions, links to the system page, the ASCII file, and Excel template tool.

Listed below are the approximate barrels of malt beverages and the gallons of wine reported as taxable for each month. This report is a combination from all privilege tax license types - Wholesale Malt Beverage and Wine, Warehouse, Brewery, Brew Pub, Winery, and Growers Sales Privilege. 
Wine claimed as tax exempt (produced by small wineries who qualified for the exemption) is not included in the gallons below. 

*OLCC implemented a new system for Wholesale Malt Beverage & Wine (WMBW) and Warehouses (WH). While filers adjust to the new system, not all reports have not been submitted yet, and this is reflected in the low numbers shown for Malt Beverages.


Malt Beverages
31 Gallon Barrels
Table Wines under 14%
Dessert Wines over 14%
​February 2023
​January 2023
​December 2022
November 2022​209,544.28​1,213,098.67​27,141.37​
October 2022​248,913.72​1,404,404.87​50,223.74​
September 2022​310,815.85​1,360,856.56​36,727.61​
August 2022​286,569.34​1,145,624.33​37,821.79​
​July 2022
June 2022​252,793.53​1,226,353.54​59,001.42​
May 2022​227,015.56​1,203,366.3158,090.73
April 2022​243,515.81​2,032,802.88​116,635.51​
March 2022​196,047.71​1,209,715.05​35,503.39​
​February 2022
January 2022​184,295.39​1,105,100.89​168,251.38​
December 2021​227,386.81​1,131,014.20​133,038.10​
November 2021​208,734.24​943,850.46​150,012.23​
October 2021​204,493.41​1,360,489.33​167,672.19​
​September 2021
​August 2021
​July 2021
June 2021​167,992.65​1,185,046.42​100,645.49​
May 2021​97,383.69​1,144,118.42​117,649.97​
​April 2021
​March 2021
​February 2021
​January 2021
​December 2020
​November 2020
​October 2020
​September 2020
​August 2020
​July 2020
​June 2020
​May 2020
April 2020 227,438.28 1,247,726.28 159,847.40
March 2020 150,588.32 865,917.63 87,015.95
February 2020 220,714.79 1,127,957.50 116,918.27
January 2020 195,690.28 1,351,944.25 165,365.18

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The OLCC is modernizing the reporting of beer sales, moving from a paper-based process to an online reporting system. Because of data gaps between the two systems the OLCC is unable to produce complete reports during the transition. 

This transformation, which is part of a larger data migration project, is expected to be finished in 2023. When the changeover is complete OLCC plans to resume publishing  this type of alcohol sales data.

Wine Reports 
As of January 2021, these reports do not include Wholesale Malt Beverage and Wine (WMBW), and Warehouse (WH) information. A new report feature is under construction.

Gallons of wine removed from bond or imported into Oregon as reported* by Oregon wineries for each month. *Amounts reported are approximate