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CAMP: Cannabis and Alcohol Management Program

CAMP Phase 1 - Marijuana Licensing GOES LIVE on March 18, 2024

Introducing CAMP (Cannabis and Alcohol Management Program), OLCC's innovative system that provides seamless functionality for marijuana and liquor licensing and permits.

CAMP will:
  • replace the existing marijuana licensing, marijuana worker permits, and alcohol service permits systems;
  • provide online alcohol licensing for special events;
  • provide simple and hassle-free license management with just a single login;
  • improve data tracking for improved quality of service from OLCC staff;
  • have access to online payment options using credit, debit, or ACH electronic funds transfer. Marijuana licensees will still have the option for cash payments with OLCC's Financial Services team;
  • be adaptable and functional on mobile devices.

CAMP Phase 1 - Marijuana Licensing GOES LIVE on March 18, 2024

Beginning March 18, 2024, OLCC will go back to collecting a $25 fee for changes made to an approved label or package. This process will be done inside CAMP and users can simply click a button to “request an amendment to label” and pay the $25 fee online.

Read the complete Information Bulletin

Packaging & Labeling Web Page

Digital Transformation
When the OLCC began licensing the cannabis industry in 2016, the licensing system was a hybrid of digital and paper-based methods. CAMP is designed to digitally manage all of the complexities of licensing Oregon's cannabis industry.

OLCC's liquor licensing system has remained largely a paper process; switching licensing and permitting to CAMP will be a significant improvement.CAMP will increase licensing efficiency by having a single system replacing old and inefficient systems, which will also improve data quality and document management.

CAMP is also scalable to use on phones and tablets. OLCC compliance staff will have a mobile app for field work, allowing them to interact with license holders and permit holders in real-time.


CAMP: It's More Than an Acronym
In late 2021, OLCC staff created a process to suggest a unique, clever, and easily recognizable name for the agency's new digital Marijuana Licensing, Liquor Licensing, and Compliance management system. The goal was to come up with a name that would not only describe what the system does but also be easy for the public to remember. After generating potential names, the choices were eventually narrowed to three compelling options. From the finalists, OLCC's executive team selected the name "Cannabis and Alcohol Management Program" or "CAMP" - the acronym used to refer to the system.

Staff & Stakeholder Engagement
The State of Oregon awarded the contract for the new OLCC licensing system to Computronix in Spring of 2022. Computronix offers a commercial off-the-shelf system (COTS) that has already been implemented in several other American states and provinces in Canada. These states include Arizona, Kansas, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania..

OLCC and Computronix have worked with representatives and stakeholders from the alcohol, cannabis and hospitality industries on designing CAMP. This collaborative process has included having those stakeholders testing and providing feedback on the CAMP user interface as it’s been constructed with a focus on ensuring a positive user experience.

Keep in Touch

Our team is dedicated to ensuring a seamless transition to CAMP and equipping you with all the necessary resources and information. Don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.

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