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COVID-19 Business Continuity Information - Alcohol


The OLCC has modified its business operations to safely accommodate licensees and the general public during the COVID-19 outbreak.


Alcohol Service Permits:
Liquor Licensing:

Alcohol/Liquor Compliance:

Liquor Stores & Distilled Spirits:


Curbside delivery for distillery tasting rooms

  • Distillery tasting rooms can now deliver factory-sealed containers of distilled spirits direct to consumer curbside or to their parking lots
  • 845-015-0141 - Shipment of Distilled Spirits (Eff. Mar. 22, 2020 - Sept. 17, 2020)

Oregon restaurants, bars, events facilities, warehouses, breweries, brew-pubs and businesses with large amounts of beer about to expire need to be able to safely dispose of it. An excess of unused beer has accumulated because the on-premises consumption of alcoholic beverages is not allowed under current social distancing restrictions.  Because this excess beer has a short shelf life the OLCC has provided guidance on an approved method of disposal. (Eff. 5/1/20)

Privilege Tax Refund or Credit Request for Expired or Donated Product

Malt Beverage (Beer) Disposal (Fact Sheet)

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission, Oregon Health Authority, Oregon Board of Pharmacy, Business Oregon, and Oregon Department of Agriculture, with the help of Moda Health, have set up a coordinated effort to address the need for making hand sanitizer in Oregon.

Businesses in Oregon that already have an OLCC-issued distillery license and a permit from the Federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) can work together to coordinate sourcing of raw materials, production of ethanol, and procuring containers for finished hand sanitizer product.

Hand Sanitizer Resource Guide for Oregon

OLCC has made temporary amendments to OAR 845-006-0425 - Hours of Sale. This rule allows the sale of alcohol to start at 6:00 am; and thus, enable Oregonians who are at a higher risk for severe illness, such as older adults, to be in the store at a time when there are fewer customers in the store. These amendments are effective April 17th through October 13th, 2020.

OLCC is allowing licensees to choose whether or not to maintain continuous coverage of Liquor Liability Insurance as allowed by OAR 845-005-0400(10). (Eff. 4/22/20)

OLCC has created a process that will allow existing licensees to temporarily continue exercising all license privileges of the expired license with a Conditional Letter of Authority issued by the OLCC, provided that the licensee submits a complete renewal application as described here (Eff. 4/22/20):

Expanded flexibility for liquor stores
  • Accommodating employee and business needs including flexibility in hours and closure. 
Curbside delivery for liquor stores and distillery tasting rooms
  • Liquor stores and distillery tasting rooms can now deliver factory-sealed containers of distilled spirits direct to consumer curbside or to their parking lots
  • 845-015-0141 - Shipment of Distilled Spirits (Effective Mar. 22, 2020 - Sept. 17, 2020)

Fast tracking ability for restaurants, bars and similar establishments to deliver beer, wine and cider
Fast tracking ability for restaurants to receive a temporary license for off-premises sales license before OLCC collects payment for the license
  • Allowing issuance of temporary O licenses to F-Coms (restaurants) without requiring payment to issue the license.   Payments need to be made but the condition of issuing the temporary license will not require payment confirmation (the checks in the mail scenario).

Expedited the process for bars & restaurants to obtain 90-day authorities to operate for off-premises sales
  • License applications and same-day delivery approval applications submitted by existing limited on-premises and full on-premises licensees. Statewide, there are approximately 5500 licensed businesses meeting the qualifying criteria. 
Third-Party E-Commerce Operators
  • The Commission is issuing interim advisory policy relating to third-party e-commerce operators (Beverage & Food Delivery App Couriers) so that those actors may quickly deploy their services to start helping licensees reach Oregon consumers more efficiently. The policy is effective 3/19/2020.

Allows delayed payment of (beer & wine) privilege tax

  • Privilege Tax reports are still due on the designated due dates, however, we are extending the payment of tax and waiving the penalty and interest for up to  90 days when an email is sent requesting this.  Please submit your reports as scheduled and you may send an email requesting the payment extension to
Enforcement of Governor's Order
  • Immediately suspend and/or cancel the license for establishments that violate any executive order from Governor

For information regarding returns of stock and requesting a refund or credit for privilege taxes paid on expired product please visit the “Information About Operational Modifications and Clarifications" section of the OLCC COVID-19 Alcohol FAQs


The OLCC is currently accepting and processing Special Event License applications for events where the holder of the special event license is a manufacturer of alcoholic beverages in Oregon and will SELL ONLY FACTORY-SEALED CONTAINERS OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES FOR OFF-PREMISES CONSUMPTION and will NOT offer or allow any alcoholic beverages for on-premises consumption, including NO tastes.

Virtual Wine Tastings (Fact Sheet) - 4/24/20

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