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Drinks To-Go

Effective June 11, 2021, Senate Bill 317 permanently allows Full-On-Premises Sales licensees to sell cocktails and single servings of wine to-go.

This page includes information for Full On-Premises Sales licensees about privileges and requirements for selling “cocktails" (drinks containing distilled liquor) for carryout and delivery (to-go).

NOTE: Effective June 8, 2021, Full On-Premises Sales licensees may also sell manufacturer sealed-containers of malt beverages, wine, and cider for carryout and delivery. For more information related to these privileges, see the Off Premises Sales and Delivery Table and the Licensee Bulletin: Consolidate your Licenses.


Open Container Warning Notice (Required)
The following notice must be prominently displayed on the premises and present in whatever manner is necessary to ensure that the consumer purchasing, or a delivery person transporting, such beverages is given notice of this warning. Failure to post this notice may result in a Category IV violation.