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Minor Decoy Operations

About Minor Decoy Operations

OLCC uses employs minor volunteers 18-20 years old who look under the age of 26, to attempt to buy alcohol and marijuana at retail outlets. If asked for identification, the minor decoy shows their own valid Oregon identification, which indicates they are underage. Minor decoys do not disguise their real age or encourage the sale of alcohol or marijuana.

Sales of alcoholic beverages or marijuana to minors including decoys, and failure to correctly check identification result in administrative sanctions to liquor and marijuana licensees, liquor store agents, service permit holders, marijuana worker permit holders and possible criminal sanctions to others. The OLCC offers training to licensees, liquor store agents and their staff on preventing sales to minors, checking identification, and recognizing false identification.

Alcohol Minor Decoy Operation Results

Marijuana Minor Decoy Operation Results

For more information contact

Shannon Hoffeditz
Regional Enforcement Manager
Phone: 503‐872‐5212
Toll Free: 800‐452‐6522

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